Ignoring Hater Witches: It’s Okay to be Yourself

Do you like buying witchy things from the mall, or do you enjoy fictionalized witches like the characters from American Horror Story: Coven? Maybe you like buying your clothes off sites like Killstar and get super excited about the latest astrology themed product at Sephora. Whether you’re a newbie witch or somewhat seasoned, you’ve probably

Using witchcraft to protect children

People tend to turn to witchcraft to solve problems that every day solutions won’t fix. When those problems involve children — whether your own or not — is witchcraft still an option? The following article will address the topic of children in regards to witchcraft and casting spells, and will hopefully give you insight on

Witchcraft tips for beginners

If you’re interested in witchcraft, as a beginner, you might be overwhelmed by all the information available online. There are thousands of blogs, websites, forums and guides on the topic — and under a variety of paths. Becoming a witch is like being reborn into a huge, confusing world of information and philosophy — but

Witchcraft myths and misconceptions

Witchcraft isn’t punishable by death like it was in distant history, but it is still surrounded by a variety of misconceptions and false stories. Many times, these misconceptions are held by people who mean innocently enough, but most false myths surrounding witches are rooted in hatred and oppression. The following list includes some of the

Ancestral DNA for Witches

If you’re a witch wanting to explore ancestral magic or communication, you might want to consider a home DNA test. They’re all the rage right now, used mostly for determining one’s ethnicity, or connecting with family members they didn’t know they had. These home DNA tests offer another awesome benefit: The ability to find your

All About Florida Water

What is Florida Water? If you’ve spent any time in any witchcraft or pagan communities, you’ve probably heard of it in reference to folk or root magic — especially Voodoo or similar paths. You may have even seen Solange Knowles flaunt a bottle of it during the 2018 Met Gala. The following post will tell

Cultural appropriation in the wide world of witchcraft

Cultural appropriation is more than just a hot topic, and it’s more than a buzzword for the politically correct. It’s an issue that needs attention drawn to it — especially in the world of witchcraft. If you’re a member of any pagan or spiritual circles, you’ve definitely seen it in action. You may even be