If you want to cast simple and powerful spells, you can do so with a variety of flowers — and springtime is the perfect season for this kind of spellwork! A variety of flowers are soon to be in bloom, and each one of them possesses its own spiritual properties. The following guide will give you an idea of some simple and effective spells to cast using flowers.

Magical bouquets help you send subtle messages

Everyone loves a good bouquet, right? They make wonderfully sentimental gifts and they beautify your living environments. Florists pick and choose flowers not only to match and look aesthetically pleasing as arrangements, but also based on the traditional meanings of the flowers they use. For example, calla lilies are often used in funeral arrangements and given as bereavement gifts to people who’ve recently lost loved ones. This is because the calla lily symbolizes rebirth. Every plant and flower symbolizes some kind of concept or feeling. This makes the art of creating a bouquet a truly magical experience.

A bouquet spell to inspire self love:

12 daffodils (narcissus)

Six Aster flowers

12″ yellow ribbon

Gather the daffodils together in your hands, holding them in a bouquet-bundle by the stems. Insert each aster flower, one-by-one, into the bouquet of daffodils. As you place your aster flowers into the bouquet, focus on feelings of love, acceptance and respect for yourself. If you wish to write your own incantation, feel free to do so — and either think about it to yourself, or whisper it aloud. Once you have finished bundling all of your flowers into a bouquet, tie the stems together using your yellow ribbon.

Daffodils, which are members of the narcissus flower family, symbolize confidence and self-adoration. Aster flowers often symbolize caregiving. The yellow of the ribbon symbolizes optimism. When this whole package is bundled together, you have a bouquet for self love. With the intent and act of putting it together yourself, you’ve cast a simple yet effective spell.

Flowers make good magical bath ingredients

A magical bath can be done as a form of purifying yourself before casting another spell, or it can be a spell on its own. Making use of flowers and other botanicals is a traditional part of formulating one of these cleansing soaks. A quick spell to attract romantic love into your life only takes about 15 minutes and only requires the use of your bathtub and a handful of rose petals. Simply run yourself a relaxing warm bath — even adding your favorite bubblebath or oil if you want. Hold the handful of roses in your hand as you climb into the tub, and once seated comfortably, release them in the water in front of you. Visualize and imagine those rose petals as your own rays of energy as they float outward from you. These rays of energy, enhanced by the symbolism of the rose, serve as a magnetic force to draw love toward you. If you feel so inclined, go ahead and recite whatever affirmations you desire.

Edible flowers make excellent witchcraft ingredients

Many flowers are edible, giving them multiple uses in your witchcraft practice. To make a quick tea for abundance and luck, simply steep some lilac flowers in hot water and drink while envisioning your goals. Lilac flowers symbolize growth, and when drank in a tea is actually quite flavorful. Lilac tea is also said to possess calming qualities.

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