The internet can be a weird and lawless wasteland, especially when it comes to cyberbullies and trolls. These folks are fueled by the reactions they get out of their victims, relying on you to get angry or otherwise hurt. Some cyberbullies can be so severe that you may find yourself wanting to hex them — but is that a good idea?

When cyberbullying is more than “just words”

No reasonable person would hex someone for merely saying something insensitive, nor would you put a curse on someone just because they “thumbs-downed” a post of you made on social media. If you find yourself wanting to hex someone, cyberbully or otherwise, over little more than insults, then you’re probably being a tad dramatic.

Sometimes cyberbullies cross over from insults to legitimate threats, doxxing and other behaviors that can truly affect your real life. When this happens, then you’re probably not out of your mind for considering a hex.

Will there be consequences?

I’m not talking about the threefold law or karma, but rather any chain of events that could happen as a result of your spell. If you hex your cyberbully, without knowing enough about their immediate surroundings, you could run the risk of inadvertently targeting everyone who lives with them or who stays in their orbit. If that doesn’t bother you, then that’s your choice.

No other options

Hexing may seem like an easy alternative to confronting the cyberbully situation head-on, but it’s really not. It requires time and energy that can drain you. This is just my opinion, but you should really only fallback on spell work after all other options have failed. When you’ve done all you can and you’re still having a cyberbully problem, a hex might be the best next move.

Will it really solve the problem?

Depending on what you believe about witchcraft, a hex could either literally work, or simply just make you feel better about a situation. Without debating too much on the two schools of thought (maybe both are right), if your witchcraft is for self-care and preservation, you won’t able to achieve the concept of “feeling better,” if you still have a bully picking on you and stressing you out. So, if you think it’s time to hex your cyberbully, consider whether or not you even believe in hexing in the first place.

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