Atheist witches are individuals with an unending variety of beliefs — and non-beliefs. It’s actually pretty popular to debate on whether or not some parts of witchcraft are “too woo” for logic-minded witches like us. Of course this is an endless debate that has as much chance of being resolved as the debate on whether or not gods exist. Truth be told, it’s okay to be woo sometimes.

What the hell is ‘woo?’

Woo, or woo-woo, basically just describes whatever someone doesn’t believe in at any given point. In the spiritual and atheist communities it’s often used in a somewhat condescending manner, because everyone loves to feel superior based on their beliefs — or in the case of atheists, lack of beliefs. Staunch atheists feel that any belief, or entertaining of belief, in supernatural or occult ideas is absolute woo. Meanwhile, atheist witches vary from calling tarot and astrology woo to practicing astrology and tarot but calling belief in fae or ghosts woo. It’s kind of all across the board, right?

Atheist witches don’t have to agree

We’re not a monolith. What’s woo to you may not be woo to someone else, or vice versa. If you ask a group of atheist witches what they think are examples of woo, they likely won’t all agree with one another. That’s because the one-and-only thing we can all agree on is that we don’t worship deities with our craft. Everything else is up to the personal philosophies of each individual atheist witch.

Enjoy yourselves — woo and all

It’s okay to enjoy things that others perceive as woo-woo. It’s okay to believe in things that members of your own peer group don’t believe in as well. Our spirituality as atheist witches is a personal experience, even if we do share some beliefs and opinions with others. If you think it’s a little too woo for you to meditate skyclad under a full moon, then don’t do it — but maybe try it once and see if you enjoy it. It’s okay to enjoy yourself with a little bit of magic, even if that magic might seem ridiculous to others, and sometimes to you.

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