The most important thing a witch needs to learn is how to cast an effective protection spell. Protection spells keep you safe while dabbling with other types of spiritual work, and they keep you guarded from general negativity and wrongdoing. They also keep you safe from the ill intent of others — including fellow witches. The following protection spell is designed to specifically boomerang negativity back to its sender, making it a protection spell with a side of justice.

What you need:

Small mirror (a handheld cosmetic mirror is ideal)


Small fabric pouch (thick fabric preferred)

A single canine tooth from a carnivorous animal (humanely/ethically obtained)

Cinnamon stick or powdered cinnamon

White tealight candle

Jar with lid (8 oz canning jar is perfect for this spell)

Cast the Spell:

Gather your materials and set up your altar or spellcasting area according to how you normally practice. If you do any type of circle casting or meditations prior to casting, do so.

  1. Place the small mirror into the cloth pouch. Place the pouch on the ground, or inside of a cardboard box. Secure the bag closed tightly.
  2. Smash the bag containing the mirror with the hammer. Strike it exactly four times — no more, no less. In Numerology, four is the number of justice. (note: The box is to contain the bag of glass, and to prevent any from getting out on the floor or ground. If you don’t have a box, be careful not to tear the bag when you hit it). Wear safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself while doing this.
  3. Carefully open the bag of broken mirror glass and empty it into the jar. Discard the cloth pouch.
  4. Drop the canine tooth into the jar with the broken shards of mirror.
  5. Drop the cinnamon stick into the jar with the other ingredients. If you don’t have whole sticks, a pinch or so of ground cinnamon will also work.
  6. Secure the lid on the jar and place your candle on top of it. Use a tealight candle or one that is slightly larger, without a holder or casing. Many tealights come with a metal sheath around them, but this can be removed with ease.
  7. Light the candle while you sit comfortably in front of your jarred creation. Once the candle is lit, envision the rays of the moon wrapping you and your home in a sort of forcefield of energy. Visualize this protective dome of light as being impenetrable. Nothing can get through it to you — and any negativity or ill-intent bounces off of the surface of your energy shield like rubber. Breathe deeply and keep your mind clear of any other thoughts as you meditate and visualize your intent.
  8. Continue visualizing the rays of light around you as the candle melts atop the jar. Envision the rays of light that emanate from your protective dome/shield as protective guardians that lash out in defense if anything negative comes your way. This might take some practice and patience, but focus your intent on this protective system as you focus on the melting candle.
  9. Repeat the following affirmation as you continue your visualization: “I am protected. I am shielded. I am guarded.”
  10. Allow the candle to melt and burn out on its own, keeping common fire safety in mind. Leave the jar somewhere around your property either near an entrance or somewhere in plain sight. Do not dispose of it. If you wish to repeat the candle portion of the spell, you can do so anytime you feel compelled.


You can cast this spell any time of the day, week, month or year. However, if you observe the moon phases and incorporate planetary placements with your spellwork, the first night of a full moon is a good time to cast this spell. While the moon is at its fullest, the days that follow lead to the New Moon. Symbolically, your protection spell is given energy by the fullness of the moon. Since the moon will go into its waning phases in the following days, this can symbolically represent the act of pushing that energy outward and away from you. This is useful in this particular spell because you are aiming to shield yourself with protection while also striking back — magically speaking — at any injustices against you.

Other options

If you’re superstitious and don’t want to break a mirror for this spell, you can choose any reflective material to substitute it. Even tearing aluminum foil into strips can be an effective replacement to a broken mirror. Use your imagination to edit and tweak this spell any way you wish to suit your needs, environment or comfort zone.

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