It’s 2019, and what better way to kick off the new year than casting a spell for 12 months of good luck? The following spell for a year of good luck requires very few materials and depends heavily on your own energies and intent.

What you need:

Sheet of paper (please use easily biodegradable paper)

Pen of any color (though green and gold tones are great for luck and abundance magic)

Draw 12 four-leaf-clovers on your sheet of paper. They don’t have to be perfect; Just do your best. The four-leaf-clover has long been associated with good luck, so it makes for an ideal symbol in basic spell-casting.

Tear each clover, carefully, from the sheet of paper by hand. Do this slowly and without damaging each clover drawing. While doing this, focus on attracting and accepting good fortune in your life for the months to come. Focus on this desire with as much focus as you can. If you need to state your intent out loud, it’s okay to do so.

Place the clovers on a dish and allow the wind to carry them away. If you need to travel somewhere for this, that is okay. Each clover represents one of the 12 months of the year, and the releasing of the small paper shapes symbolizes the release of your intent into the atmosphere.

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