Everyone needs at least one good friend, but sometimes we need a little magical inspiration to get us out there to find one. Whether you’re currently friendless, or you want to expand your social circle, the following spell will help you attract new friendships in to your life.

What you need:
Yellow candle
Perfume of choice
While the moon is growing full (in the waxing phase), light your yellow candle, outdoors. Make sure you do this in an area that is flame-safe and where any breeze won’t disrupt your candle. Place your favorite perfume down in front of the candle.

“Growing, growing like the moon, sprout the seeds of friendship soon.”

You don’t have to say the above chant if you don’t want to, or you can write your own. The point is to state or become fully aware of your intent. Focus on the feelings of making a new friend and having someone to share mutual interests with on a platonic level. 
Let the candle burn down until it is spent. Take your perfume and put it on anytime you go out of your home. You may find yourself meeting new potential friends almost immediately!

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