Secrets and lies are damaging to someone’s trust, regardless of from whom they originate. If you’re looking for a truth spell that is both easy and powerful, the following is a good basic spell to make someone tell you the truth. It also gives you the opportunity to utilize fashion and glamour magic to benefit your magical needs.

What you need:

Sky blue colored dress, shirt or other article of clothing

1 silk hydrangea

1 hair belonging to the person in question (or sewing thread)

Gather the materials you need a day before you intend on encountering the person you wish to tell you the truth. Pick your favorite sky blue article of clothing, such as a shirt, blouse or dress. This shade of blue symbolizes honesty. Pick a silk hydrangea from your local craft and hobby shop, or the silk flower aisle at Walmart. The color you choose isn’t as important as the size. You will be displaying the hydrangea as decor in your surroundings, so it should be large. However, if you are unable to decorate the area where you will be encountering the target of this spell, you will need to choose one small enough to use as an accessory (tied into a scarf on your handbag, or as a hair accessory). If you cannot accessorize or decorate with the hydrangea, choose one small enough to carry in your pocket. It’s preferable that the hydrangea can be seen, but it is not 100% a requirement.

Gather a hair belonging to the person you are wanting to tell the truth. It should be a long hair, if possible, but short hairs are also okay. If you cannot get a hold of a hair belonging to this person, you should get a length of sewing thread close in color to the person’s hair color. This can serve as a stand-in to the person’s hair. Symbolism is just as important as the real thing, as long as you are comfortable with sympathetic magic.

The night before you intend on meeting with the target of your spell, wear your chosen article of clothing, and attach the hair (or thread) to the hydrangea. You can wrap it around the flower, tie it or affix it in any way you are able in order to get it to stay in place. Meanwhile, prepare your area for casting spells as you would otherwise normally do. Light any candles of your choice, or even burn your favorite incense. Get yourself in a comfortable spot where you can meditate peacefully and quietly.

Sit comfortably with the hydrangea in your hands. Concentrate on surrounding yourself with a sort of protective shield of energy. If it’s easier for you to envision this energy shield as a protective light, that’s fine too. While you hold the hydrangea, speak aloud while maintaining your focus on the shield of energy around you.

“Only truth is spoken here. Only words of honesty. No lies are spoken in my light. All truths reveal themselves to me.”

Repeat these words while envisioning your shield of energy staying around you, allowing yourself to feel the power of this energy field. Overall this spell should take a half hour of your time, but you can prolong it if you feel that you especially need the extra oomph. Once you are finished, remove the article of clothing you have chosen and neatly fold it or hang it up to be worn the following day. Place the hydrangea nearby so that you do not forget about it.

The following day, wear the garment you chose the previous night and put the hydrangea somewhere on your person or in your environment where you are to encounter the target of this spell. Do not put any focus on what you’re wearing or your silk floral accessory during your encounter with this person, but simply speak with them and act as if it’s a normal day for you. They do not need to know directly or immediately — or even at all — that you’ve cast any type of spell.

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