You might have heard talk of “hot footing” an annoying person in the pagan/witch community before, but what exactly does that mean? Generally, it describes the act of using “hot foot powder” to banish a person from wherever they might be an annoyance. Hot foot powder is a material that is used in hoodoo folk magic, and is usually made of various herbs, ash and ground peppers (among numerous other ingredients). 

Hot Foot Powder vs Goofer Dust
Hot foot powder is similar to goofer dust, which is a hexing powder that is also used in hoodoo. Goofer dust is often made of nasty stuff, and is cast with the intent to curse or even bring death on another person. That’s where hot foot powder differs. Hot foot powder — while may contain some of the same ingredients as goofer dust — is used to drive an unwanted person away from you through any means that the universe may find necessary. Hot foot powder can also be used in positive spells, whereas goofer dust usually is not.
Using hot foot powder
This magical powder can be used in a wide variety of ways. There are negative spells for its use, and there are also positive spells. There are even love spells that make use of hot foot powder. 
Some witches add black salt to their hot foot powder. Others add ashes that have been collected from banishing spells. Some also add graveyard dirt to the mix. However, with all the variations that exist, foot powder almost always contains red pepper and black pepper.
Should you buy or make your own?
If you have the ingredients and the know-how, making your own hot foot powder is definitely better than buying it from another source. However, not everyone has access to graveyard dirt and black salt, and others simply don’t have the time to stand over a cauldron whipping up powders and potions. When buying hot foot powder, make sure you’re buying legit stuff and not just a packet of cayenne pepper with a fancy label. 

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