A snow moon describes the 2nd full moon of the year — and that is just around the corner. The snow moon of 2021 is schedule to make her appearance in the late night sky on February 27, 2021. So what does this particular full moon mean, and what might be special about this year’s snow moon?

The 2021 snow moon will peak at full visibility at 3:19 a.m., Eastern Time, on February 27th. During this time, there are various traditional ways to honor the full moon. The 2nd full moon of the year often marks the beginning of the end of winter — for the next full moon is often around the Spring Equinox. In this case, the Spring Equinox occurs less than a month following the snow moon.

It is also during what is, on average, the coldest time of winter — when snowfall is heaviest in areas that get it. This is a time to light a fire, enjoy warm and comforting foods and drinks — and to reflect on the winter that is passing as you look forward to the incoming change of seasons.

Sometimes the snow moon is called the Full Snow Moon, the Bone Moon or the Hunger Moon. It is also sometimes called storm moon. All of these names reflect the overall environment that surrounds the February full moon. The cold weather, the frozen earth unable to be farmed, the scarcity of livestock and wildlife — all reflected in the various nicknames given to this full moon. Knowing this about the 2021 snow moon, you can plan whatever spellwork around this dead-of-winter theme.

The 2021 snow moon is always a spectacular astronomical event, but the 2020 snow moon was also a supermoon. That is not the case this year. However, Mercury will be in the sign of Aquarius this year — giving you an opportunity to add creativity to your life, and your witchcraft practice.

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