Divination and paganism go hand-in-hand. Many, if not most, pagans have some kind of divining tool whether it be a deck of tarot cards, a set of rune stones or even a Ouija board. If you’re an atheist witch, are you “allowed” to “believe in” divination? The following article will attempt to address this question.

What is divination?
The blunt definition is “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.”

And what about supernatural? That word is defined as “a manifestation or event attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.”

Knowing these broad definitions, it’s clear to see that no deities are involved in divination, unless a person specifically chooses to believe so. That includes popular forms of divination such as tarot cards and runes.

Understanding tarot as an atheist
It’s up to you on whether or not you choose tarot to “predict the future,” or not. Personally, I view tarot cards as visual tools to help unlock my own natural clairvoyance, which I’ve fine-tuned for over two decades. I don’t personally believe the cards themselves are able to predict anything, but other readers do, and go strictly by the book when it comes to interpreting them. Some atheists attribute the “supernatural” aspect of tarot to their ancestors, rationalizing that they’re in contact with “the other side,” when using the cards or while doing any other divining. Some believe the forces of nature and the universe fuel the predictive nature of the cards.

Other atheist witches simply don’t believe tarot cards are useful at all, and that’s okay too.

Reading tarot as an atheist
Since you’re an atheist, you’re probably already rational and logic-oriented, and chances-are you’re not interested in any super-spiritual mumbo-jumbo when it comes to reading your cards. It’s totally okay to read tarot from a logical point-of-view, and express your readings in a way that reflects that. It’s also okay to be completely honest in your readings with other people — even if the news is “bad.” This is contrary to some readers, who are bound by religious rules that deter them from “shocking” people for whom they’re reading. The point is, you’re not restricted by any dogma or superstition when it comes to reading tarot or doing any other kind of divining. So take advantage of that, and don’t be shy.

Added note:
Tarot cards make good spellcasting tools!

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