If you’re a witch wanting to explore ancestral magic or communication, you might want to consider a home DNA test. They’re all the rage right now, used mostly for determining one’s ethnicity, or connecting with family members they didn’t know they had. These home DNA tests offer another awesome benefit: The ability to find your true roots for the most authentic ancestral experience possible. The following post will outline why witches everywhere should jump at the opportunity to participate in this amazing scientific trend.

Your ethnicity = your roots

When you take a home DNA test through a company like Ancestry, 23AndMe or any others, your specific ethnic makeup it revealed to you. You may discover that you have DNA from regions on the planet that you’ve never even considered, which opens up the doors to exploring just exactly where you came from. Knowing your specific ethnicity admixture paints a picture of your bloodline’s migration pattern through the course of human history, which brings you closer to connecting with your ancestors on a more personal level.

Example: My DNA results (according to GEDMATCH) imply that I’m English, Scots-Irish, Middle Eastern, Senegalese and a variety of little traces of Papuan, Amerindian and Meso-American. I’m a Heinz 57 with ancestral roots all over this planet (really not unlike many people). Knowing my ethnicity has allowed me to more accurately trace my family tree, allowing me to become better acquainted with ancestors that have been dead for decades — even hundreds of years. I’m fully aware of my roots now, and nobody can deny me of them.

Your ancestors become proven

If you suspect that you’re a descendant of someone like, say, Gerard Gardner, you can use your DNA data to prove it. Taking a home DNA test reveals a world of matches on various websites that you can compare and trace until you find your common ancestors. There are also websites that have the DNA data of historical figures on file, for you to compare and see if you’re related to them. Gedmatch is one such site, which offers a utility for comparing DNA with archaic remains, i.e. mummies and skeletons that have been unearthed in archaeological digs. Some of these specimens are upwards of 50,000 years old — and may have living descendants here in 2019. Imagine discovering that you’re a DNA descendant of a 50,000 year old mummy!

Similarly, there are sites like Wikitree, which allow you to compare your own DNA with the DNA of ancient royalty and other notable figures. You can even find out if you’re a blood relation to any of the victims of the Salem Witch trials, or really any other horrifying incident in human history for that matter.

Example: Thanks to DNA, I know without a doubt that I am the distant granddaughter of formerly accused witch Elizabeth Bailey Finney. Finney was acquitted on charges of practicing witchcraft prior to the 1692 Salem trials, but she resurfaced during this notorious event to act as a witness against another accused witch. I also know without a doubt that I’m a descendant of Ludovic Grant and his Cherokee wife, as well as a distant niece to Daniel Boone. Now that I know that I have the blood of these long-dead people running through me, without even a single doubt, I know that any ancestral work I partake in will be involving legitimate ancestors of mine.

Connect with witchy kin

It seems cliche’ but it’s really true that witches seem to be drawn to one another — and that appears to be no different when witches share ancestral heritage. You might be amazed to find that many of your DNA matches appear to share the same spiritual interests as you. Out of my 60,000+ matches on Ancestry, I can confidently assert that at least 1/4 of them are witches, wiccans or follow some other pagan path. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but connecting with your witchy kin gives you a kind of look at what might be an ancestral pattern unique to your particular lineage. If you find that several of your cousins are witches, you may find that some of your aunts or uncles are, and then some of your great aunts — or even grandparents. While I don’t necessarily acknowledge so-called “hereditary skill” in witches, I do believe that bloodlines run strong when it comes to philosophy and spirituality.

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