Much of paganism surrounds deity-worship, and a vast majority of paths honor goddesses as life-givers of the earth and mankind. This is especially true among feminist sects of Wicca. If you’re an atheist and a feminist, you might feel a bit left out, seeing as though you don’t believe that these goddesses existed. So, is it still okay to identify with goddesses, if you don’t believe in them?

In short. Yes.
Goddesses symbolize feminine archetypes. They represent very real and very human characteristics that are found in women and to which women strive. If you wish to identify with the symbolism that a goddess represents, then there is nothing wrong with identifying with said goddess on that level. Atheism, as repeated so many times throughout this blog, is merely the lack of belief in deities. There’s nothing in that definition about the recognition of symbolism — and in witchcraft symbolism is incredibly powerful.

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