If you’re “out” about being an atheist witch, chances are you’ve been bombarded with a multitude of questions and comments. Many people seem bewildered — and even angered — at the idea of a practicing witch rejecting the existence of gods and goddesses. That includes other atheists! The following post is a sort of FAQ for you to share anytime you’re being bombarded with the same questions over-and-over again.

How can you be an atheist and a witch?
Witchcraft is simply a practice that doesn’t require the worship or even the belief of gods. Atheism is nothing more than the absence of belief in gods. It’s really just that simple. There is no atheist doctrine that prohibits the practice of witchcraft, and there is no golden witchcraft bible that prohibits the rejection of deities.

If you’re an atheist, how can you believe in the supernatural?
As stated above, atheism is nothing more than the absence of belief in deities. There are many types of atheists, and while many are hard skeptics who reject anything supernatural or religious, there are atheists that are not as hardline in their beliefs (or lack thereof).

What do atheist witches believe in?
Every atheist witch is different, and therefore it is impossible to answer this question with a broad stroke. Atheistic witchcraft is not a religion. It is nothing more than a label to describe a person’s personality, such as atheism itself. It’s up to each individual atheist witch on whether or not they want to explain their personal beliefs to someone else.

Do atheist witches cast spells?
Some do, and some don’t. Furthermore, everyone has a differing view on what constitutes as a “spell.” For the most part, atheist witches respect science and have a healthy acceptance of reality. Most atheist witches believe that natural energy is responsible for what others call “magic” or “prayer.” Meditation and self-accountability is very important to atheist witches, and so that is reflected in their spellwork if they do cast.

Do atheist witches believe in ghosts or demons?
Some do, and some don’t. This isn’t any different in atheists who don’t practice witchcraft as well. There are atheists who do believe in the spirit world, just like there are witches who do not. Personal opinions vary and so do beliefs. If you ask one witch if she believes in demons, you may not get the same answer that you’d get if you ask another one.

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