The month of August is more than just the hottest time of year on the northern hemisphere. It’s a month of great historical and mythological importance, which makes it possible to tap into a multitude of symbolic energies during spell-casting. The following post aims to highlight some of the different spells you can do during this important month.

August 1st marks the pagan holiday of Lammas, which is also known as the First Harvest. This is an important holiday that involves harvesting the first season’s wheat, and making bread from said harvest. While deity-worship plays a traditional role in this holiday, atheistic witches don’t have to say no to bread. If you want to get in touch with your English roots (if you have any), you can observe this holiday and cast any variety of spells that pertain to bountiful harvests, abundance and prosperity. 

This month gets its name from Augustus Caesar, who fought and won multiple big battles during this time of year. Augustus is attributed for ending civil war in Egypt and triumphing against most of his enemies. August, therefore, is an excellent month to do spells regarding justice, battles and strength against hard times.

August is the eighth month of both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. If you’re someone who puts any stock in numerology, you’ll know that the number eight is a number of balance. The number eight also seems to rule matters regarding business, money and power. However, the element of balance eight tells you that all things must come to a sort of equilibrium. This makes August a good time to do spells regarding personal empowerment and finding balance between one’s material and spiritual lives.

In general, August is the last month of summer, leading us into the glorious month of September. So its a great time to wind down and stay indoors as the hottest days of the year pass us by. Practicing self care during these days is a great way to prepare for the upcoming cooler months.

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