Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and not everyone is okay with being alone this time of year. If you’re wanting to snag yourself a romantic interest by February 14th, consider casting this easy and fun love spell.

What you need:

Chunk of polished rose quartz

Pink salt

Small saucer

  1. Select a small chunk of polished rose quartz. It can be a loose tumbled stone, or a piece of wearable jewelry.
  2. Place the rose quartz in the saucer. Cover the stone with approximately 2 tsp. of pink salt. Pink salt is useful in love and cleansing spells. In this particular spell, the salt cleanses the rose quartz and adds an extra bit of romantic energy to the stone.
  3. Drop about 3 tablespoons full of water onto the salt and rose quartz.
  4. Watch the water dissolve the salt, and meditate on the pooling water magnetizing around the rose quartz stone. Visualize the stone drawing energy into it as the salt dissolves.
  5. Remove the stone from the watery dish once the salt has dissolved. If you’ve chosen a piece of jewelry, wear it. If you’ve chosen a tumbled stone, put it in your pocket or somewhere else on your person. If you always carry a purse, put it in one of its pockets. If you wear a bra, put it in the inner lining of one of the cups. Feel confident that whenever you carry this rose quartz stone, you are actively drawing romantic energy in your direction.

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