Whether or not you’re a green witch, you can absolutely tap into the various metaphysical properties that plants have to offer. One way you can do this, is by growing plants around your property that offer you a protective boost. The following is a list of plants that are believed to possess protective qualities, which can assist you in protecting yourself, your loved ones and your home. If you want to know a quick way to cast a protection spell, consider growing one of these plants!

Common Hedgenettle

Also called betony, common hedgenettle is a perennial flowering herb that is a member of the mint family. It thrives best in hardiness zones 4 and below, but can thrive as a beautiful annual herb in other zones. Aside from the aroma and supposed medicinal qualities, this herb also possesses protective metaphysical qualities. According to Witchipedia, betony has been used as a protective herb since at least medieval times. Grow this herb around your doorways or near the front of your property as an easy protection spell.


Who doesn’t love a good marinara sauce — or even a fresh tomato sandwich? Tomatoes are a staple plant in home vegetable gardens, but did you know these plants also serve as powerful spiritual tools for protection? Tomato plants have been associated with protection in folklore for hundreds of years. Some traditions involve growing the plants near the doorway of one’s home, while others involve placing a single tomato on your fireplace mantle. This plant has also been associated with love and sexual temptation, so do with that information what you will. Grow tomato plants around your property not only to take advantage of delicious homegrown vegetables — but to also cast your own traditional protection spell.


This pretty, flowering herb is sometimes called mosquito plant because it has insect repellent qualities, making it a great companion plant in any home garden. It’s been considered a medicinal herb since at least ancient Greek times — and was a staple herb used by Greek physicians of the era, according to Witchipedia. Grow this herb to cast a protection spell on your property, and carry a sprig of it with you to protect you on your travels. This herb also has a little bit of controversy surrounding it, due to its use as an abortion aide.


Garlic is a delicious bulbing plant that is entirely edible in every stage of its growth. This makes it a downright necessary addition to your culinary garden. However, garlic also serves as a spiritually protective plant — and not just because of its association with vampire lore. Historically speaking, garlic has been used in protection spells to drive away unwanted visitors, as well as unwanted lovers. In a way, it does a good job of defending you from vampires — just not the kind you read about in Bram Stoker’s Dracula! Grow garlic around your home to harness those metaphysical qualities, and protect your home from unwanted guests. On the flipside, garlic can also be used to hex people, so keep that in mind.


If you can get your hands on a true cinnamon tree, then consider yourself blessed for many reasons. Not only is this tree highly aromatic, and the source of delicious cinnamon spice, but it possesses a multitude of magical properties. Grow a cinnamon tree somewhere on your property (or in a container) as a bold and fiery protection spell for your home environment. As your tree matures, it will provide you with bark that can be used in any other spell you wish to cast that benefits from the fire element.

Learn more about the right plants for your protection spells

There are countless plants that possess protective metaphysical benefits, so do your research to find which is best for your environment. If the above-mentioned plants don’t thrive in your area, there are always alternatives that can be equally useful. For example, more than one of the plants in this list are members of the mint family. Mint is always a protective herb, so find a mint variety that thrives in your region to harness its protective energies. Furthermore, many plants possess a multitude of spiritual benefits. That means, you can use many of these protection spell plants for other spellwork such as love spells or abundance spells — and even curses or hexes.

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