Casting a spell can be complex and intricate, with a multitude of supplies — or it can be as simple as lighting a single match. From good luck, health and prosperity — to love spells and hexes, a single matchstick can be an incredibly powerful tool for a witch who knows their stuff. If you want to learn how to cast powerful spells with matches, keep reading.

The Lover’s Match

If you wish to maintain the stability and love of your current romantic relationship, a single matchstick is all you need. Obtain a single match and put it in a small plastic baggie, or leave it in its match box or booklet. Keep this matchstick on you anytime you’re with your romantic partner, especially while making loving memories with them. They can be aware of the match, but it’s not necessary. Doing this charges the match with the loving energy of your relationship. Do this for approximately one month. The night of the first new moon following a month of carrying the match, go somewhere outdoors where you are comfortable, and where you will not be disturbed. Say the following:

“Our love is strong, our bond unbreakable.”

Focus on the loving energy surrounding your matchstick while you recite the words. Once you’ve spoken, strike the match and let it burn. The act of this is symbolic of burning passion and lasting love.

Feel free to alter or edit the spell according to your own needs.

A Nasty Little Hex

If someone’s wronged you, you have the right to strike back to defend yourself spiritually. You can achieve this with a match that’s been extinguished with your own saliva. Simply obtain a match and hold it in your hand while you focus your need into the object through visualization and meditation. Think about the person, group or situation which left you feeling wronged, and imagine them getting a taste of their own medicine. Be as specific in your focus as possible, according to your own specific situation.

Once you feel like you’ve “charged” the matchstick enough, simply light it and hold it very carefully in your fingertips as it burns. Say a chant if you wish, though it is not necessary. Blow the match out before it burns your fingertips and then blow it a little more so that it cools to the touch.

Take the burned matchstick to a location where the person who wronged you will cross paths with it, and simply drop it. This can be in a garbage can somewhere near their daily commute or even in an ashtray in their home. Once you’ve disposed of the match, don’t think about it or the situation that harmed you to the best of your ability.

Health and Wealth

A single match, when used the right way, can bring you abundance and success if your witchy heart desires it. Simply charge the match with your intent by visualizing a protective dome of light around you as you hold it. Speak aloud what you want to achieve by lighting the match, and be specific. Think about your words, what you’re saying, and what you truly want as you speak aloud. Once you feel satisfied in what you truly want, raise the match up, strike it and let it burn. Blow the match out before it reaches your fingertips and then put it somewhere safe in your home — such as a jewelry or trinket box where it will not be disturbed.

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