If you need to cast a fertility spell, now is the perfect time to do it. The springtime is an important time of year for multiple reasons. Mundanely speaking, it’s a time of renewal and growth with plants, warmer weather and nourishing rain. This real-life event is full of spiritual and magical symbolism — which makes for truly powerful energy when it comes to casting spells. The following article is about casting powerful and effective fertility spells during the most fertile time of year.

Plants, Stones & other correspondents for fertility magic

Springtime is a great time for casting fertility spells due to natural resources that become available with the changing of the seasons. Some springtime plants that are great in fertility spells include pea plants (especially butterfly peas or sweet peas), lotus, catnip, lilies and orchids. Just before the last frost of the year, start some of these symbolic and beautiful plants indoors — and then transplant them outdoors in containers or a prepared gardening spot. By the time the first day of spring rolls around, you will have a gorgeous and green garden of plants that symbolize your goal: Fertility.

Depending on where you live, the earliest days of spring are some of the best for long nature walks — especially if you’re a rockhound. If you’re fortunate enough to go for a walk either during or just after a good spring shower, a variety of stones — and even some crystals — could reveal themselves to you. Some examples of stones that represent fertility include rose quartz, moonstone, aquamarine, emerald and many, many others. Alternatively, you can pick up any stone you’re spiritually drawn to — one that seems suitable with the energy you’re wanting to put into your fertility spells.

Utilizing the weather and the moon phases

Springtime is a wonderful time to enjoy the weather, especially with the warming of the temperatures and the beautiful rainy season that nourishes plant life. When the weather is warm, calm and sunny take advantage of the energy and meditate in your garden, focusing on your goals. If your goal is fertility, the environment of your garden during spring serves as a visual and symbolic boost to your spellwork. When the weather is rainy, take advantage of this energy by opening your windows or doors and allowing the cleaning spring rain air cleanse your living environment. Use this time to not only clean your house, but spiritually cleanse it as well. Following the rain, cast fertility spells that tap into the nourishing energy the weather provides during this season.

Revel in every part of the season — even if you’re not casting fertility spells

Whether you’re casting fertility spells or simply wanting to work on personal growth, abundance or prosperity, this time of year is an excellent time to raise your own energy. Spring marks the end of winter — the time when most of our energies go dormant. It’s now a time of rejuvenation and regrowth — so take advantage of it, enjoy it and flourish in it.

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