Crystals have been used throughout history for presumed healing properties and casting spells. Early Sumerians used them, as did the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. While science has proven that these naturally produced beauties have no true healing properties, they’re still useful in magic and meditation. Crystals, like all things in natural existence, vibrate at their own energy frequencies. Furthermore, each crystal is unique in that it slowly formed under a wide variety of conditions by our own planet. The following article will address the use of crystals and stones in witchcraft, and how you can incorporate them into your own spells and rituals.

Ancient cultures gave stones associations — many of which have persisted through metaphysical writings. Of course, different cultures through history had differing views on the magical associations of their stones. For example, ancient Egyptians believed that lapis lazuli unlocked clandestine wisdom for those who carried it or used it in their magical workings. However, under 2,000 miles away — in Rome — lapis was considered a stone of carnal sexual energy. Meanwhile, the Celts believed this very same stone was better used as an offering to the goddess Dana. In many Native American tribes the very same stone was considered a key to the spirit world.

Knowing that so many associations exist for each stone (as illustrated in the Lapis Lazuli example), it’s logical to determine that no association is fixed. There is likely no universally true association to apply to any one stone or crystal, knowing this. If you’re a purist who is in touch with your roots, use your ancestors’ associations of whatever stone you’re using. As an atheist witch, you’re not tied to any one single culture, however. So you can really associate your stones and crystals however you see fit.

Hold a stone in your hand – any kind of stone will do. You may feel that it is cooler to the touch than, say, a piece of glass or heavy plastic resin. You should notice that the stone you’re holding inspires emotions, thoughts or “vibes,” while you hold it.  Record your observations in a journal, repeating this process for every crystal or stone type. Doing this will help you build your own metaphysical connections to your crystals, which is far better than Googling what some random ancient culture believed. You could also meditate thoroughly over your stones and crystals to determine your own associations. If your intuition and meditations tell you that lapis lazuli (or any other stone) symbolizes something entirely different from so-called “conventional” associations, then that is absolutely between you and your own personal path.

Casting spells with crystals and stones
Once you’ve decided on what associations you apply to your crystals, you can cast spells using the energies they symbolize. Superstitious purists will tell you that you must use your crystals specifically in casting spells so as to avoid any backfires, etc. etc. But, it’s really up to you how you choose to incorporate crystals and stones in your craft. If they serve a more aesthetic purpose to your spellwork, then that’s fine. If you attribute different energies to different stones while casting a spell, then that’s fine too.

Witchcraft isn’t about conventions and rules. It’s not about dogma and hierarchical placements. It’s not about Wicca or Asatru or Thelema or any other religious path out there that makes use of elements of the craft. Witchcraft is about your own personal ability to tap into the energies around you. Witchcraft is about using yourself as a conduit for existent energies in order to manifest your will. Once you fully understand that concept, you’ll be able to cast a spell with any tools you want, however you want. You will be more guided by instinct, as opposed to being guided by tradition. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with following tradition as a witch, but it’s certainly not necessary.

  • Add a couple of your favorite crystals to a spellbag to add extra “energies” to your spells.
  • Place your favorite stones and crystals on your altar, or somewhere in your craft space, to inspire feelings that you associate with them.
  • Place crystals and stones in potted plants around your home to focus positive energy for your botanicals.
  • Hold crystals while you meditate or manifest to center yourself and give you an energy boost.

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