Rite of Spring as Metaphor for Renewal: Musing on Life and Death as Witches

Rite of Spring is one of the most renowned and controversial classical pieces ever performed. Written as a story of sacrifice to the harsh spring of Rus, composer Stravinsky pulled no punches in dramatic effect and eerie darkness. Stravinsksy teamed up with ballet choreographer Nijinsky, whose angular, distorted moves supposedly upset the audience in 1913.

Ancestral DNA for Witches

If you’re a witch wanting to explore ancestral magic or communication, you might want to consider a home DNA test. They’re all the rage right now, used mostly for determining one’s ethnicity, or connecting with family members they didn’t know they had. These home DNA tests offer another awesome benefit: The ability to find your

All About Florida Water

What is Florida Water? If you’ve spent any time in any witchcraft or pagan communities, you’ve probably heard of it in reference to folk or root magic — especially Voodoo or similar paths. You may have even seen Solange Knowles flaunt a bottle of it during the 2018 Met Gala. The following post will tell

Cultural appropriation in the wide world of witchcraft

Cultural appropriation is more than just a hot topic, and it’s more than a buzzword for the politically correct. It’s an issue that needs attention drawn to it — especially in the world of witchcraft. If you’re a member of any pagan or spiritual circles, you’ve definitely seen it in action. You may even be

Your family tree is full of ghosts, but do you even believe in them?

Before I begin this post, I want to first apologize for the lengthy absence I’ve taken from the blog. It’s all been for a reason (aside from being highly focused on creating art and jewelry and general laziness, of course). You see, I’ve been neck-deep in research for the past several months — research surrounding

Religious programming is bad for witches

Has religious programming ruined the witchcraft community? If you’re not an especially religious witch, you might be well aware of all the unsolicited advice people get whenever they mention certain types of spells or magical concepts. It seems that every Wiccan and neopagan out there these days feels the unstoppable need to remind everyone about