Just about anything can be used in Witchcraft — and dirt is one of those items that has uses in just about every path. It’s also a versatile ingredient that can be utilized in a multitude of ways. The following guide will tell you all you need to know about dirt as a witchcraft ingredient and tool.

Earth energy

Dirt is clearly representative of the element earth — since that is literally what it is. In Western society, we associate the element earth with stability, wealth, hedonism and security or comfort. If you’ve ever wondered why Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo have some of the qualities they do, it’s because they’re ruled by the earth element, and they encompass its qualities (which may sometimes come off as flaws to some people).

When the earth element is used in spellwork, it’s usually for attracting wealth, finding employment or some other kind of security for the home and family. It can also be used in spells where one wants to exercise their authority or dominance over a situation or target. Earth energy is also useful in matters of love, in that it is a stable element. Love spells looking for longterm, stable partnerships can benefit from using this element. The element of earth is ruled by the planets Venus and Saturn, so this could be an element for love, or war.

Soil or dirt is the literal embodiment of this element, as stated previously, so it goes without saying that it possesses all the qualities that the element earth possesses.

Types of Dirt and its uses

Dirt from Specific locations such as your childhood home, the place where you met your soulmate or from an otherwise important place can be used in a variety of spells. In hearth magic, you can use the dirt from around your home to cast protective spells that keep your place of comfort a safe place. Of course, this can also be used to curse or hex someone if you get access to dirt from their home or somewhere they frequently visit. The possibilities are endless if you’re creative with how you practice your craft.

Colored dirt/sands can represent different types of spell needs. For example, red sand could represent fiery passion and black sand can represent psychic protection or binding. However you choose to associate your colors is up to you, but it does make use of some of the colored sand you might come across — even from in your aquarium if you’re working your spells on a budget or with limited access to materials.

Magnetic sand — or magnetite — is often found in black colored sand. Like lodestone, hematite or other magnetic items in witchcraft, magnetic sand can be used in drawing spells. If you want to attract something to use, then using this sand is probably a good idea.

Graveyard dirt is exactly what it sounds like: Dirt from a graveyard or grave area. This is often used in folk magic practices such as Santeria and Louisiana Voodoo (among many others), and it has a wide range of uses in witchcraft. Graveyard dirt is believed to be powerful because it has a direct link with ancestors who have passed to a presumed spiritual realm. The dirt is enhanced with their protection and blessings, however it is you decide to use it. It can be used from anything to love and protection magic, to other types of spells that involve death and shadow work. It is also an ingredient in notorious magical blends such as goofer dust.

Crossroads dirt is gathered where two roads cross — as the name indicates. This comes from a popular notion in folklore that involves selling your soul to the devil at a crossroads. Crossroads have always represented spiritual or supernatural concepts throughout history — going as far back as ancient Greece and even further. Ancient Greeks believed that crossroads represented the meeting of Hecate and Hermes. Norse/Scandinavian mythology teaches that Odin can be honored at crossroads, and in Caribbean based practice, Papa Legba can often be contacted at crossroads. Knowing the long-held significance of crossroads in various cultures, there is no doubt that dirt taken from one of these places could be powerful in magic. This dirt could be used in spells where difficult decisions must be made, or to influence the decision of someone else. Crossroads dirt can also be used to “cross” or hex others, as well as it can be used in manifestation spells where you want something powerful to boost your chances of success — much like graveyard dirt.

Dirt from shoe or footprints can be used to either compel someone to visit you, or inspire them to never come back again. Simply gather the dirt from the shoe or foot print after the person (or even animal) has stepped in it. It’s probably best to do this when they’re not around so they don’t think you’re some kind of weirdo (even if you might be). Use the dirt in any manner that you need. If you’re doing a spell to bring a certain person back into your life, then their footprint can be used for that. The same concept, again, goes for if you want to banish them.

Dirt or earth from a natural disaster or place of great natural significance can be useful in spells where you need force and power. For example dirt from the site of an earthquake (bonus points if you get it from a place where the ground has been cracked) can be used in spells where you want to show extreme might or force. Spells that require aggression or even a lot of positive passion might benefit from this kind of dirt.

Dirt is everywhere

Dirt can be found virtually anywhere, so it’s easy to find dirt that symbolizes any type of need you might have in witchcraft. This is what makes it a staple tool or ingredient in most witches’ practices. Whether you’re practicing hearth and home magic or you like to cause some trouble — a little dirt always comes in handy.

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