If you’ve fallen into a witchcraft slump, and find yourself losing touch with your craft, then maybe it’s time to get back to work! The 2020 quarantine situation was tough for a lot of people — myself included — and as a witch I struggled to maintain my spiritual practice. I’m sure I’m far from the only witch going through this. Now that we’re halfway through 2021, I’ve decided to dust off my witchy bag of tricks and get back into the swing of daily practice. The following is a collection of tips to help you get back on your broomstick with some daily activities.

Start the day off right with affirmations

Before you get up every day from bed (whether you be an early or a late riser), whisper affirmations to yourself to assure that your day goes well. Speak in the present-tense. For example:

“I’m having a wonderful day. I am happy, and I am fulfilled.”

You don’t have to say much at all. Just whisper that single sentence to yourself (or something similar), every time you wake up and start your day. Admittedly, this doesn’t seem like much at all — and it’s not entirely “witchy,” but affirmations are useful in giving yourself a confidence boost — which puts you in the perfect headspace for being That Witch. There are even a multitude of studies that support the effectiveness of self-affirmations. Check this one out.

Pick a card (any card)

Grab your favorite deck of tarot (or oracle) cards, shuffle them and then draw one card each day. This is actually a common activity for tarot readers, to keep their minds fresh and to maintain a relationship with the meanings of their cards. The same concept applies to you as a witch — unless you don’t personally like tarot. You can also do this with rune stones or any other divinatory item in your possession. I like to keep a tarot journal (separate from my spellbook), and then do a one-card-reading before bedtime. I write down which card was pulled — and from which deck — and I write down my interpretation. Sometimes I put down any of the issues I might have on my mind at the time of the card pull.

Even if you’re not necessarily casting a spell, you’re introducing a spiritual habit to your daily routine. This re-disciplines you as a witch and keeps your mind fresh, open and receptive to spiritual work.

Sigils can go anywhere

Even if you don’t do anything else witchy during the day, sigils are relatively easy and can go absolutely anywhere. You don’t even need a pen or paper to make one. The easiest, no-nonsense sigil you can create can go in the fog of your bathroom mirror before or after you take your shower. You can create a sigil for self-love, for attraction or anything else you desire. Use your finger and draw your sigil like you would anything else in the foggy glass of a mirror or window. This same concept also applies to the frost of your freezer. You can trace a sigil into the frost that ensures that your family never goes hungry, or to bless the contained food for prosperity, luck or good health. Even the ground beneath your feet makes for a good canvas. Just use a stick or rock to draw out your sigil on the ground. You can do this for basic home protection, to attract a visitor — or even to keep people away. These examples are perfect for fast, daily witchy activities that will help you get back into your spiritual routine.

Bless your food

This idea was borrowed from Mind Witch Mama, and her video titled “Witchcraft for Skeptics.” In the same way that you would whisper affirmations to yourself, the food you ingest could serve as a carrier for magical intent. Consider speaking words of affirmation and power to your food as you prepare it, or shortly before consuming it. Making this a brief, daily habit — much like religious folks pray over their meals — might have a positive impact on your overall spiritual practice. Also, you might get lucky and become an expert at powerful kitchen witchery.

Manifest while you workout

Witchcraft has a lot to do with energy — if you subscribe to that school of thought. With this in mind, it’s logical to believe that heightened energy — whether physical or psychic — is beneficial in successful spellcasting. If you’re physically active and like to workout or exercise every day, then you might want to introduce some magical thought to you routine. If you’re familiar with the story of Gerald Gardner and the alleged “Cone of Power,” during World War II, then you may already understand this concept. During the height of your workout, while you are producing as much kinetic energy as you can, put your thoughts into “the universe” — or however it is you personally manifest. Visualize your energy accumulating around you like a sort of dome — hell, even a cone if you want to revisit the old Wiccan concept. Your thoughts, affirmations and intent is carried through this source of energy. Visualize your manifestation radiating outward, into the aether, so to speak.

Whether you believe in this concept as proper witchcraft — or not — matters little in this scenario. At the very least, this activity will help you clear your mind of any issues that may be weighing on you. Your body produces endorphins while you work out, along with other feel-good chemicals. These endorphins play a huge role in this particular activity. Maybe they have a magical purpose as well as biological? That’s a theory worth considering.

Some more witchy ideas for daily practice:

  • Explore different herbal tea blends for spiritual use: Chamomile to relax, echinacea for health and protection, rose petals for love and glamour spells. Get creative! (Just don’t drink anything toxic, obviously)
  • If you’re an artist who paints, draws or creates physical crafts on a frequent basis, consider adding witchy materials to your media. For example, ground gemstones added to your paint is not only boujie as hell, but also gives a magical charge to your creations. If you work with clay or opaque resin to make sculptures, you can hide small pieces of paper with written petitions inside the clay or hardened resin.
  • Dress yourself according to your spiritual intent for the day. That doesn’t mean to drape yourself in ceremonial cloaks and scarves on a daily basis — though, that could be fun if you’re into it. What I mean is for you to choose accessories that you associate with different magical correspondents — or wear clothing in colors that inspire different feelings or behaviors. Color psychology is a concept that hypothesizes that people react, behave and have emotional triggers to different colors and color patterns. Check out this source on the topic.

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