If you mingle in any Pagan circles, you may hear some people brag about accolades and “credentials” they may have earned as practicing witches. These witches are referencing their participation and completion of so-called classes offered by “Witch Schools.” The following post aims to discuss why these “Witch Schools” are a waste of time and money, while offering nothing of value to any true, practicing witch.

The credentials are (for all intents and purposes) imaginary
While it feels good to have a piece of paper vindicating your knowledge, credentials from so-called witch schools really serve no actual purpose. A “degree” from XYZ School of Witchcraft isn’t going to open any real doors for you in the real world, nor does it give any indication that your “powers” are greater than those who didn’t pay someone on the internet to “teach” them about witchcraft.

These so called credentials and diplomas also inspire mixed reactions within different witch circles. Inexperienced witches and naturally gullible people will certainly be impressed by any claims of having papered achievements in witchcraft. On the other hand, witches who are experienced and people who don’t easily fall for schemes are far from impressed.

It’s a waste of money
Most so called witchcraft schools ask for money in exchange for their time tutoring students. That’s understandable since everyone’s time is worth money when they’re offering a service. However, when the information is all available online and through books and non-paid discussions with elders, why even bother paying for classes? At the end of the day it seems that students of these schools are merely paying for someone to print out a certificate, which they could also do at home with the same level of importance.

It inspires elitist thought and actions
There are always going to be people who believe they’re better than others — and in some cases those people will be justified in those beliefs. However, paying for witchcraft classes really shouldn’t be one of those things that fuel “better than you,” mentalities. Unfortunately, it does just that. When you get a group of people together who have either been initiated in a coven or paid for some kind of witchery classes, you are going to see a lot of claims of having “inside information” and “oathed spells.”

The simple fact of the matter is that a secret spell could be as ineffective or effective as a non-secret spell. Witchcraft is an individual practice, and each witch’s powers are individual in how they’re honed and used. There’s absolutely no reason to behave “better than” anyone, regardless of a witch’s experiences or educational pursuits.

At the end of the day, if you’re a witch looking for information, there is a world of it out there. During this internet age there is no reason to drop your money in the paypal account of some bearded con artist looking to take advantage of another person’s pursuit of spiritual answers. Google is a treasure trove of information, and there are tons of experienced witches out there happily willing to share information without the ulterior motives.

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