The magic in every day life is the wonder of experiencing the unpredictable. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with using your own magic to give yourself a lucky boost. Lucky charms have rich historical roots in practically every culture, and the use of crystals in luck magic is nothing new either. The following spell is an easy bit of magic you can use to enhance your own crystal, to carry for an extra boost of luck wherever you go!

What you need:
A crystal/stone of your choice
Small candle (color to associate with what type of luck you’re wanting)
Small square of cloth (color to associate with your intent)

Pick a quiet place free of distractions so you can concentrate. Hold your selected stone in whichever hand feels most comfortable for you. The crystal you choose for this luck charm spell is entirely up to you, and depends entirely on what stone is drawn to you. However, stones that are often associated with luck include citrine, labradorite, carnelian and pyrite — among many, many others. If you’re a purist, you should choose a stone that best correlates with the type of luck you are wishing to receive. Otherwise, choose your favorite crystal, one that “speaks to you.”

Light the candle you have chosen, making sure to choose a size that is small enough to burn in under an hour. A tealight is ideal for this. Colors often associated with luck include green, red and gold — but you can choose whichever color feels best to you. Alternatively, you can just ignore the color and go with your gut.

Sit comfortably in front of the candle, while holding the crystal in your hand. Focus on the flickering flame while you concentrate on attracting positive luck into your life. Imagine and focus on “feeling” the happiness you’d feel if you had better luck every day, and visualize that happiness as an orb, light or mist (whichever you’re more comfortable with visualizing).

Guide the visualization of your intent into the hand that is holding the stone. You can continue staring at the flame, or you can close your eyes to better visualize your intent. Focus on the energy flowing from your intent into your stone as you hold it comfortable, but firmly. Do this until the candle has burned completely.

Place your charged crystal charm in the center of the square of fabric and fold it up. You can carry this crystal in your pocket, in a wearable bag, in your purse or anywhere you want!

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