If you want to cast a fast and easy love spell, all you really need is some red thread, a needle and two small photographs (paper). This quick and easy love spell using red thread only takes about a minute to complete, but if you’re good at visualization and focusing your intent, it can be as powerful as any flamboyant ritual.

Red Thread Love Spell

  1. Select two photos: One of you, and one of the person you desire. Print them off the internet or use two actual photographs. Cut them down to about two x two inches each, removing any unnecessary parts of the photos.
  2. Stick the two photos together, with the backs facing outward and the faces touching. This is obviously symbolic of bringing you and your desired partner together in a lover’s embrace.
  3. Cut a 24″ length of thread from your spool, and then thread the needle. Knot the end like you would when you’re sewing something.
  4. Simply sew the two photographs together. Be careful not to rip the paper.

Keep your spell charm

Hide the sewn photographs somewhere secure on your own property. A safe place would be between your mattresses, or in a trinket box on your nigh stand. This easy love spell can be charged with your intent anytime you want your desired partner to think of you or be drawn to you. Be sure you know exactly what you want when you cast this spell!

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