The spring equinox is a time of renewal and rebirth, as the days begin to grow longer and the weather starts to warm up. For atheists who practice witchcraft, the spring equinox is a powerful time for spiritual reflection and intention-setting.

One of the main spiritual symbols of the spring equinox is the egg, which represents new life and the potential for growth. This is a great time to set intentions and focus on what you want to cultivate in your life in the coming months. Atheist witches may use this time to plant seeds, both literally and figuratively, by setting goals and taking action towards achieving them.

Another important symbol of the spring equinox is the balance between light and dark. This is a time when the hours of daylight and nighttime are roughly equal, and it represents a balance between opposing forces. Atheist witches can use this symbolism to reflect on the balance in their own lives, and make adjustments as needed to ensure they are living in alignment with their values and goals.

Overall, the spring equinox is a time of renewal and rebirth, and offers an opportunity for atheists who practice witchcraft to connect with the natural world and set intentions for growth and transformation in their lives.

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