Red lipstick is classic, and comes in enough varieties in shades that everybody looks good wearing it. If you’re a witch who loves to wear makeup, why not combine your magical prowess with your favorite lippy for a boost? The following glamour spell enhances your favorite red lipstick.

What you need:

Red lipstick

Small black velvet pouch

Lavender chime candle

Green chime candle

Yellow chime candle

Handful of coin

Handful of salt

Incense of your choice

The Spell

Choose a day and time to cast your spell that best corresponds with glamour and abundance magic. For example, drawing and attraction spells are supposedly more powerful when cast while the moon is waxing. If you don’t practice according to time or days, then you don’t have to do this part.

Arrange your three chime candles in a triangular position leaving an empty space between them large enough for your lipstick to lay down without getting wax, etc on it. Don’t light the candles at this time.

Lay your handful of coin and salt in the space surrounded by the three chime candles. Put your lipstick of choice (your most favored red shade) into the velvet pouch and lay it on top of the coins and salt.

Light your favorite ritual incense to get yourself in the mood to do spell-work. If you have a preferred blend for rituals and spells, then use it. If you can’t burn incense or if you’re sensitive to smoke, then wax warmers and and oil warmers are suitable. Alternatively, as with any spell, you can simply omit this step if you prefer.

Sit facing your altar comfortably, and widen your gaze so that you aren’t focusing on any specific item. Allow yourself to observe the flames of the candles as well as your lipstick at the same time. Allow yourself to visualize the energy of the three flames combining at a peak above the altar. This is a triangle, or cone, of power — a small play on the infamous Wiccan “cone of power” as described historically about Gerald Gardner. Visualize this energy peak as a combination of all that the three candles symbolize: Attraction, confidence and abundance. Visualize the energy from the flames enveloping the items in the center of the three candles.

You do not have to say any “magic words” in this spell — unless you want to of course. If you feel comfortable reciting incantations while visualizing your spell into action, them writing your own would be far more powerful. Think of what you want to imbue your lipstick with (attraction, confidence and abundance), and say what your heart feels is right. Let yourself be free in the moment and say what’s in your heart, or simply think it silently as you visualize your intent.

Allow the three chime candles to burn down until they are spent, and then dispose of the nubs as you see fit. Gather your coins and salt and put them somewhere else of your choosing, or leave it on your altar for a while for a little extra oomph.

Wear your charged lipstick anytime you feel like you need the boost of confidence and beauty.

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