You hear the word “intent” thrown around a lot in the witch community. You gotta have intent. Your spells wont work without intent. Intent. Intent. Intent. Get it?

The fact of the matter is that you’re going to need a whole lot more than simple intent to make a spell work. Intent is literally the first ingredient — and you can’t make a cake by simply dropping a cup of flour onto a plate. Truth be told, intent isn’t going to get you anywhere. The intent in your spell is nothing more than the end goal. So when witches tell you that you “need intent,” they’re really only telling you that you “need a goal.” Well, if you’re at the point of performing a spell, you probably already have a goal, and there’s your intent. So how come so many spells fail, if the intent is present?

If you intend on paying your bills, does the money magically appear in the paid accounts?

If you intend on going to college, do you just mysteriously show up at classes and learn as a result of this?

More than intent, you need focus
Focus is the fuel that pushes your intent. It’s true that you “need intent” for a spell to work, but it’s absolutely not going to work if you don’t have the focus to push that intent into manifestation. Intent in life is no different than intent in magic. You can have all the intent in the world do finish something, achieve something or create something — but without determination and focus, how are you going to do it?

Casting spells also requires patience and understanding of yourself and your own energies. There are also other variables — such as whether or not you’re casting spells on someone or something that has energy incompatible to your own. Above all other variables, however, focus remains the most important ingredient in any spell. Without that focus, you’re not going to achieve much, other than a false sense of simply casting a spell (but without results!).

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