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Who wants a free manifesting amulet? This simple little beauty is handmade with pure high grade copper and genuine ametrine. This is a one-of-a-kind amulet that will be charged with the intent of the winner’s choosing before it is shipped.

This is a lovely and somewhat “rare” stone that is found in Bolivia. It is a natural formation of both citrine and amethyst, which comes together beautifully. Since this crystal is the formation of two-in-one, it is also said to possess the energies of both crystal types.

Ametrine is said to be a union of feminine and masculine energies, and is believed to balance the energies of the wearer. In spell-casting, the ametrine can be used in a wide variety of ways. Its best use, however, is to attract abundance in all avenues of life. Ametrine makes a beautiful and useful manifester’s amulet.

The ametrine used in this amulet is natural and has been cut. It does not boldly showcase the yellow to orange color of ordinary citrine. It is clear with lots of inclusions and has swirls of beautiful purple amethyst in it. This is a must-see-in-person type of stone!

Copper is a powerful conductor of energy and can be used to attract love, abundance and “good luck.” Copper enhances the power of any crystal or stone that accompanies it.

This giveaway is for the amulet only. No cord or chain will be provided.

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