Sometimes a good old fashioned jar spell is all it takes to set things in motion, and this fun spell is a great way to draw money in your direction. The following is intended to help you gradually grow your own money, while saving some at the same time. That’s a win-win!

What you need
Jar (without lid)
Coins (any currency)
Paper money (any currency)
Small strips of paper (colors associated with wealth)

Find a safe place in your home to sit your uncovered jar. Add the paper and coin currency to it. You don’t need to fill the jar; a single paper bill and/or a single coin is all you need.

Select a strip of paper and then write a positive affirmation on it (related to money). Make sure you write the affirmation in the present tense. For example, you can write “I’m wealthy and successful,” instead of “I want to be,” or “I’m going to be.”

Drop the strip of paper into the jar with a coin of any currency/denomination while imagining how content and happy you are. Radiate with the feelings of financial comfort and success with money as you add that affirmation to the jar.

Why is it important to affirm in the present tense? Because if you affirm that you “want to be” or “are going to be,” then you’ll always be looking to the future for whatever it is you’re seeking, instead of in-the-now. Get used to affirming in the present tense, and focus on manifesting what you need in the present tense.

You can add strips of paper containing affirmations to the jar anytime you want, but you should always drop a coin in the jar along with the paper in order to “feed it” with the intent you’re manifesting. You can also personalize this spell by adding other items that symbolize the drawing of abundance to the jar.

 Leave the jar open, which symbolizes the conduit through which your abundance can travel. You should also avoid spending any of the money that you put into the jar. After all, this is your jar for growing abundance, not diminishing it.

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