The full moon in September is often referred to as the Harvest Moon — and sometimes the Corn Moon — and it shows up this year on the 20th. This is a time that ushers the end of summer, making way for the autumn season, and so it’s an important event for witches — regardless of our paths. There are a number of things you can do to celebrate this year’s Harvest Moon, from traditional to unique and offbeat. The following post will highlight some different ideas.

Traditional practice

Traditionally, the Harvest Moon is ideal for hearth magic and spells that focus on appreciating the time of harvest. It’s a time of preparing for the upcoming winter months. So, naturally, you could focus on spells that relate to these concepts. This could also be a time of gathering with your loved ones to give the summer season a proper send-off. Potluck dinners that feature locally harvested foods brings another layer of tradition to things.

To be more specific, casting spells that protect your loved ones and your immediate surroundings is a great idea for the Harvest Moon. The bright energy of this full moon in September gives extra power to spells that focus on your home and property. Spells that provide comfort for those in need is also good during this time.

Mixed drinks

Take a walk on the wild side this year and work a little Harvest Moon magic on your favorite beverages. This is an excellent idea if you work as a bartender, or if you like hosting fun parties. During the September full moon, you can offer a little positive energy by whispering your intent as you stir your drink of choice.

Alternatively, you can experiment with new drinks that incorporate local flavors that are in harvest this time of year. For the most part, this means all things pumpkin spice. Of course, there are other flavors that make appearances this time of year: Apple, cranberry, fig and various strains of grape are just a few examples. If you’re a green witch, there are several herbs that grow during the autumn months and they can be incorporated into your magical brews. Those herbs include chervil, coriander, different types of mint, sage and oregano. The book WitchCraft Cocktails: 70 Seasonal Drinks Infused with Magic & Ritual is an excellent source for witchy drinks.

Pave your own way

Just because the Harvest Moon is traditionally associated with hearth magic, doesn’t mean you have to focus on such a thing. And maybe you dislike the flavors of pumpkin spice and the tartness of cranberry. Being a witch — an atheist witch especially — means making your own way and walking your own witchcraft path. What does this time of year mean to you, personally? What does it symbolize for you? Use that energy to cast the spells that feel appropriate to you. For example, overall the Harvest Moon symbolizes a transition from one season to another — the changing of the leaves, and the transition from warm weather to cool. Your magical practice during this time could focus on change — whatever that change may be. Or perhaps this time of year triggers unhappy memories for you. If that’s the case, healing and self love spells are always a good choice — which removes you from any uncomfortable obligations to partake in a season that brings you grief.

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