Do you want to develop and hone clairvoyant abilities? Meditation and visualization exercises are always essential, but there are also herbs that may possibly help you along the way. The following list of plants are presumed to heighten psychic abilities and aid in meditative endeavors.

An herbaceous, flowering plant, eyebright has been used in herbal medicine to treat infections of the eye. In Wiccan meditation, eyebright is burned to enhance one’s ability to see fairies. Otherwise, it’s used to inspire the calm that is necessary to scry or divine.

It’s a popular herb in witchcraft for a reason. Mugwort is used for manifestation, dream magic and summoning spirits. It’s also used to cleanse spiritual tools and spaces.

Lemon Grass
Smells wonderful and is a natural cleansing agent. It’s deep aroma is believed to heighten natural clairvoyant skills.

Solomon’s Leaf
Also known as polygonatum, this leafy plant is toxic if consumed. Traditional witches believe that carrying it or hanging it in the home strengthens your own natural intuition or “gut feelings.”

This strongly aromatic herb is delicious and useful. Some traditionalists believe that it’s the most powerful herb for psychic magic in that it helps you raise your own vibrations. It’s also useful in meditation that relates to astral travel.

Burn in raw, stick form to raise your energy and protect yourself from astral attack.

Highly aromatic and cleansing, making it useful in sachets and incense blends. Promotes peaceful, lucid dreams.

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