Cursing or hexing is a touchy topic in the witchcraft world — mostly because Wiccans and other similar spiritual groups claim to be heatedly against it. Not all witches are Wiccan, however, and therefore hexes and curses are on the table in our witchcraft practices. When it comes to “starting some trouble” with witchcraft, how far are you willing to go — and what are your limits? The following article will dive into the topic of cursing, as well as the individual moral limits that witches might face.

‘Harm None’….Unless they deserve it?

What if someone has crossed you in some way, and has gotten away with it? Wiccan and Christian teachings will have you either “turn the other cheek” or do some kind of prayer of forgiveness — or some kind of positive spell to help them see the error in their ways. New Age spiritualists who call themselves witches preach the idea that there is no reason to ever cast a negatively-intended spell, but other witches have no problem seeking spiritual revenge. Meanwhile, there are other witches who pick and choose their battles, choosing only to seek spiritual revenge in the most extreme of situations. For the most part, atheist witches actually possess sentiments that range all across the spectrum from “Harm None” to “Sick ’em, and make ’em pay!”

Atheist witches don’t answer to deities, nor do we (most of us at least) take the concept of “karma” into consideration. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean we also don’t individually have our own ideas of what’s morally right and wrong in regards to how we practice witchcraft. If someone deserves to be cursed or hexed, it’s frankly up to the individual witch on how they want to handle it, and if their own personal morals align with the actions that are being taken.

The degree of cursing that is deserved by the target also probably depends on what they’ve done. It doesn’t seem logical to waste the time and energy hexing someone who looked at you sideways once, nor does it seem logical to go after them spiritually based on little more than being disliked by the person. Usually if a witch is willing to go through the trouble, it means this person has done them wrong — and they simply deserve what happens.

Who’s off-limits?

While some witches are okay with a bit of hex work here and there, they do have limits on who they are willing to target. Underage children, vulnerable adults, pregnant women and pets tend to be the common choices for who’s “off-limits” in regards to curses and hexes. Of course, there are some witches who don’t have limits to who they will target if they’ve been wronged enough to warrant a hex or curse. Truth be told, it does seem rather restrictive to even have limits in this specific topic, because if you’re seriously wanting to send some negative energy to someone who deserves it, then I would suppose that anything and everything should be on the table. Still, this could be a moral dilemma for a lot of people.

For example, let’s say you’re someone who is against hexing underage people because you have some moral hangup on the sanctity of raising children. But not every person is like this, including the parents of some of these children. Some people fail at raising functional human beings, and then we’re all left to deal with them in the real world. Next thing you know, a local teenager has vandalized your property, injured your beloved pet and stolen from you. Do you just shrug that off and hope that this teenager eventually sees the error in their ways — while victimizing other people all along the way? If that’s what you want to do, then that’s your choice — but another witch would handle that person spiritually with no qualms, and it would actually be deserved. Debate that one amongst yourselves.

Hexes may or may not even work

With all the debate in the witchcraft community surrounding whether or not you should curse people, not enough people really seem to debate whether or not hexes and curses even work. Sure, some people might say they absolutely do work and that’s why you gotta be careful — or hell, they absolute work so have fun hexing everyone that looks at you funny. But it’s also possible that the act of casting a curse or hex related spell is simply a cathartic experience that is good for releasing your own pent-up anger. So in that particular case, is there really any moral harm in casting a curse or hex, since presumably the only result would be to make you personally feel better about a situation that left you victimized or hurt in some way?

Hexing and cursing will probably always be one of the more controversial topics in witchcraft, but that is why it should be discussed more openly and without judgment. After all, we are all individuals on our own personal spiritual paths — and only we truly know the right actions we should take when it comes to casting spells.

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