Which plants vibrate at the highest energy frequency? If you believe in that sort of thing, you might be interested in knowing that there are quite a few plants that supposedly increase the energy of the environments in which they grow. The following is a list of plants that vibrate at the highest frequencies according to various sources.


Growing different types of basil in your home or around your property is believed to increase the energy of your environment. The witchy lore surrounding basil is as rich as the fragrance that emits from the popular herb. It’s a fiery (spicy) plant, and therefore it’s element is fire, making it a useful plant in regards to love and sex magic — as well as other spells that require “passion.” According to Witchipedia, it was once-believed that witches drank basil juice in order to fly. This implies that it could be a useful ingredient in “flying ointment” or a similar concoction. When grown in or around your home, basil can inspire peace and quell aggressive feelings.

There are several types of basil you can grow both indoors and outdoors — and many thrive in virtually every hardiness zone (with extreme exceptions, of course). Standard Broadleaf sweet basil is a favorite in tabletop herb gardens, windowsills and moderately shaded patios. Purple basil is another common culinary variety, but it adds an interesting splash of color to your plant collection. There is also Holy Basil, also called tulsi, which is a revered plant in Indian medicine and spirituality.


Another popular — and delicious — culinary herb, thyme is believed to possess spiritual properties. That’s especially when grown indoors. This is a delicate, beautiful herb that vines close to the ground (but can be trained to climb with some work). According to Witchipedia, it’s associated with the element of water — and is also associated with various love goddesses. With that said, it’s easy to see that thyme could inspire feelings of romance when planted strategically around your environment.


There are some sources which say that roses vibrate at a higher frequency than any other plant. If this is true, then you can clearly benefit from planting some rose bushes around your property. At the very least, the scent and colors provided by the plants will boost your spirits.

Many more

There are numerous plants you can consider planting or displaying in your home to raise your own energy. Take your time to find the perfect plant to suit your own personal needs, or what will thrive in your environment.

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