While I’ve been exploring the horary astrology and all the possibilities associated with it, I decided to conduct my own personal experiment. I had my husband hide an object from me while I was out of the home: A black fabric rose brooch. The following post will outline the steps I took to locate it (if I was able to). To begin, I want to note that my husband is a bit of a skeptic and doesn’t necessarily believe in astrology. So, he was a good sport for participating in this experiment, even if it was mostly so he could prove to me that he can hide something so well that I’d never be able to find it.

Casting the chart

I cast the event chart using today’s date (4/22/2020), and entered the “birth time” as the moment that I inquired “Where is my rose brooch?” For the location, I used the exact coordinates of where I was sitting, using Google maps on my phone to figure it out. I am omitting a visual of my chart, since it displays a little too much information about my location!

Reading the chart

I am represented by the ascendant, and the item in question, with it being a personal possession, is represented by the 2nd House ruler. On the chart, the 2nd House is in Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. Furthermore, the moon in horary astrology is always a placement for something that is hidden or lost. The moon on this chart is located in Aries in the 11th House.

This placement indicates that the hidden item is in a direction south-by-southeast of my current location. The Aries placement puts it in a more easterly direction from me. Aries also represents areas that are not frequented in the home. So this item could be somewhere that I don’t go often in the house.

With the moon and the sun both being in the northern hemisphere of the chart, it implies that my rose brooch is not hidden at ground level or buried. It has likely been placed somewhere at or above eye-level. The moon is also very close to a House cusp. In this instance, it is right at the cusp of the 11th and 12th Houses. This means that the brooch was hidden behind something, or that there is some kind of barrier or obstacle between me and the lost item. The north node is in the 2nd House, implying that the item is in a high-to-reach area.

Finding the brooch!

I used the compass on my iPhone and and stood from my desk. I turned around until it pointed in the southeast direction. As I walked through my home I paid extra attention to my surroundings, noting whether or not there were areas visible that I didn’t ordinarily frequent. I got a step-stool, because the chart read that the item would be above eye-level. I couldn’t find the brooch in my kitchen or above the shelves, so I asked my husband if it was somewhere I could reach. He said “No. Never.”

Ultimately, the brooch was hidden just above my living room in the entrance to the attic, hidden behind the attic door. My husband did have to assist me to retrieve the brooch since nothing could ever make me tall enough to reach that spot. All-in-all, I’d say the chart did give legitimate clues behind the location of my brooch. However, I will need to have something else hidden from me to see if it is successful (albeit mildly) again.

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