One of the most popular spells is the love spell — yet so many neo-pagans will tell you that love magic is “black” magic. From this particular witch’s perspective, they’ve got it all wrong. Neo-pagans believe that love spells affect the free-will of the casters’ targets, and therefore they shouldn’t be done. On the contrary, it is improbable for someone to affect another person’s free will by practicing witchcraft.

Preexisting feelings
If you’re casting a love spell on someone who already has feelings for you — no matter how slight — then your energy will certainly affect theirs. After all, for an attraction to be there (mutual) the two of you have to be vibrating at similar frequencies. On the other hand, if your target has absolutely no romantic feelings for you whatsoever, and will never come in any contact with you that would facilitate any feelings, you’re going to be out of luck. For example, it’d be pretty hard to cast a love spell on someone you’ve literally never met in a location you’ll never visit. If you could do that, we’d all be dating our A-list celebrity crushes, wouldn’t we?

In order for magic to work, there needs to be a conduit through which it can travel. Preexisting feelings serve as that conduit when it comes to love spells. Without those feelings (conduit) the magic (energy) has nowhere to travel, and your intent just falls flat. In fact, this concept could be used to explain love spell failures.

The belief that love spells affect the freewill of another person is one that I do not share. In fact, I think it’s total nonsense. As I outlined above, preexisting feelings lend to love spells, and if there are preexisting feelings then how is a spell going to affect that person’s will? If feelings already exist (even the tiniest amount) for you, then how is your spell an affront on this person’s will? What’s more, love isn’t necessary a matter of will. If you cast a spell and a person falls in love with you, and maintains that love for you, then that is something they’ve decided to do on their own. It is silly to believe that you could not only completely affect someone’s freewill with magic, but to possess their emotions and cause them to “love” you as well. All of these reasons are why I don’t believe love magic affects anybody negatively. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule.

So, in conclusion, if you want to cast a love spell then by all means do it. I won’t be stopping you. The world needs more love, and if more people are brought together through that kind of magic then so be it!

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