Whether you’re an atheist witch or a religious witch, we can all agree that casting spells is enjoyable. Being a witch, all around, is a lot of fun — even for those among us who take themselves seriously. Nonetheless, even the most prolific witch doesn’t cast spells every single day — and that’s okay. Being a witch isn’t always about casting intricate rituals and focusing on specific outcomes. In fact, you can add witchcraft to your everyday life without all the complicated fuss.

Bless a bar of soap

Most people shower frequently — every other day, if not every single day. That’s more often than most of us are able to dedicate to in-depth witchery, but it really doesn’t have to be if you choose to add a tiny bit of glamour magic to your daily routine. Get your hands on the best bar of soap you can find and place it on your altar (if you have one). A fragrant, feminine and luxurious bar of soap is ideal.

Over the course of three days, talk to that bar of soap as if you’re talking to yourself. Fill that bar of soap with adoring affirmations. Fill it with love, beauty and confidence. Every time you pass your altar — or whatever area you have setup for spiritual practice — and every time you look at it, send loving and beautiful energy to this soap. If it helps, burn candles and incense or surround the soap with your choice of crystals or other items that you associate with the intent on which you’re focusing.

After the third day of charging your soap bar, place it in your shower. Now, every time you shower (until the soap is gone, of course), you’re making use of a powerful spell. Every time you wash off with this energy-charged item, you’re cleansing yourself of any negative feelings, and charging yourself with the affirmations you expressed previously.

Prepare meals with purpose

Everybody eats, so it’s absolutely easy to add a bit of witchcraft to your daily routine in this area of your life — unless you get all of your meals from a takeout menu. Assuming you prepare at least some of your meals at home, you can add a witchy spin to any of your recipes by simply paying attention to the ingredients that you use and any associations or meanings that go with them.

For example, adding a bit of fresh garlic to a dish could serve as an aphrodisiac or a way to repeal negative energies — depending on your intent at the time. Baking with lots of vanilla and cinnamon strengthens romantic bonds and is believed to keep lovers faithful at heart. Adding a tiny bit of spice to any dish gets the blood pumping, and is therefore good for romance and sex. On the other hand, cooking with too much spice can repel someone — if that’s something you’re wanting to do.

Whispering to your food as you prepare it is a quick and witchy way to add a little energy to the meals you and your loved ones consume. You don’t have to be super extra about it, either. Little blessings, wishes and “commands” spoken into your lovingly-prepared meals adds a bit of witchcraft to your daily routine without any fuss.

Drop a lucky token for someone else to enjoy

Find a penny pick it up; all day long you’ll have good luck. That’s the superstitious rhyme that goes along with picking up the notorious “lucky” penny that one finds randomly on the ground. However, not all lucky pennies end up discarded by mere chance. If you’re a charitable witch and want to have a little fun while you’re out shopping or running errands, drop a little token of luck somewhere — and bless a stranger that you’ll never meet.

You can also do this with geocaching items or painted rocks that people hide and find in your area. However you want to do it is up to you.

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