You can Google a spell for any purpose and you can find books crammed full of recipes and specific incantations — but are all of them truly effective? Sure, some of these mass-published spells may work if you truly believe in your intent while you’re casting them. However, an original and one-of-a-kind spell may connect you more closely with what you’re hoping to achieve. The following post will approach creating your own unique spells.

Figure out what you want
Even the most basic spells should be formed with clear and decisive intent. Your intent is the desired goal or outcome of the spell you’re casting. For example, if you’re casting a spell to attract more money in your life, then your basic intent is simple: Attracting money. Since you already know that your basic intent is to attract money, it’s important to also know why you want to attract it. For example: You want to attract more money in order to pay off debts and catch up on paying your bills. You can choose to focus on more specifics if you want, such as the amount of money that you need and possible means to obtain it. The depths of your intent are entirely up to you, as long as you’re forming a stable base on which to cast your spell.

Find your own associations and symbols
What do you associate with your specific intents? After you’ve fully decided on why you’re casting a spell, finding the appropriate symbolism to connect to it allows to maintain further connection to your needs. Let’s say your decisive intent is as follows: “I need to attract $5000, before December, in order to pay my mortgage, so I do not end up in foreclosure.” Some ideas of symbols (or physical items) you can use for this intent include: Checks made out to yourself in the amount you’re seeking, paycheck stubs from your employer, miniature house figurine’s with money wrapped around them. Use your imagination and let your gut instincts guide you.

You may also find items that are colored by association. For example, gold and green candles are excellent in casting spells regarding financial matters. Other items of these colors, or items that you associate with wealth, are also good additions. When I cast money spells, I sometimes place pieces of expensive jewelry on my altar to inspire feelings of wealth.

Construct your spell
You’ve decided on your needs and you’ve gathered items and symbols that you associate with that intent — so what’s next? That rests entirely on how you personally connect with witchcraft. Some witches are really into high magic rituals that require the casting of circles and the use of specific tools. Others like to simply throw their spells together and rely entirely on the magic within them selves. I believe it’s absolutely important for witches to allow their own gut feelings to take control when casting spells. Tap into your own primal energies and let your body sort of take control while your mind plays a passive role in the background. Does that make sense?

Example: Lay out all of your items on your altar or spell-casting space. Write your specific intent on a piece of paper behind the items and focus on what you’ve written. Arrange your items in a way that feels right to you. Clear your mind and close your eyes. With your eyes closed and your mind cleared, sum up the intent of your spell in one word — pick the first word that pops to mind without putting any thought in to it. That word is your chant. Now, light your candles (if you’ve chosen any) and repeat that chant while focusing on drawing in the intent you’ve chosen.

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you to decide how to cast your spell. You don’t need an altar. You don’t need tools and supplies. You really just need to clearly know what you want and have the ability to focus your energy toward achieving your goals. Any ritualistic actions you take to achieve your goal should be completely connected to your own energetic vibes. If you don’t get a connection from a certain color or symbol, then don’t use it. If you do, then do. It’s really just that simple.

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