Even in a so-called progressive society, victims of rape are left with few options — and rapists seldom see the inside of a jail cell. Meanwhile, the GOP, Donald Trump and like-minded people are doing their best to put an accused rapist on the Supreme Court, keeping to the normalization of rape culture and the mistreatment of women. What do you do when you’re a woman who’s been victimized in a world that cares so little about us? You hex. You hex for yourself and for other victims both past and future. The following spell is a powerful hex — when cast correctly — that can bring justice on those who commit, support and make excuses for sexual assault.

What you need:
Photo of target(s)
Sheet of paper
Red pen or marker
Rubber band
Jar full of toilet water with lid/stopper (A wide/broad mouth/lid is preferable)
A dead moth (This blog does not condone or encourage the killing of animals. Please collect insects that have died of natural causes)
Black tape

Print out a photo of your target(s) if you don’t have one on hand. Write, in small writing across the top of the photo: Justice is served and your judgment is here. Write this phrase until every inch of that photo is covered, while you focus your anger and need for justice with all of your intent. Tap into your feelings to focus on what you want to happen to the target of this hex. Flip the photo over.

Draw as many symbols associated with death as you can on the backside of the target’s photo. Some examples of death symbolism include the sickle, upside-down torches, skulls, etc. You don’t have to be a brilliant artist to do this. The point isn’t to produce legible symbols, but to trace the imagery with your mind as you charge your intent.

Roll the photo tightly like one would do a scroll. Use the rubber band to secure it tightly, so that it doesn’t come unrolled. This symbolically  binds your target, folding him (or them) into the words you’ve written and the symbols you decorated on the photo. This also symbolizes your target’s inability to escape the justice that is coming his (their) way for what happened to you or other victims.

Use a somewhat large jar (an 8 to 16 oz. jar will do as long as it has a broad lid. Example: canning jar). Fill it 3/4 full with toilet water. It doesn’t have to be used or dirty toilet water, as it’s the symbolism that you’re wanting to harness. Drop the “scroll” in to the jar. Repeat what you wrote aloud as you drop it in: Justice is served and your judgment is here.

Drop the dead moth in to the jar with the scroll and toilet water. Moths are symbolic of death, mental confusion and bad dreams. This action is to symbolize drowning your target in the elements of misfortune and comeuppance.

Seal the jar by securing its lid in place tightly, locking in the contents. Take the strip of paper and begin writing what one would write on a tombstone — but with a twist: Here lies ___(insert target names)___, guilty of ___,___,___ (insert wrongdoings). May he/she forever dwell in the reality of his/her actions. May his actions consume him and weigh him like a stone as he drowns. May he suffer the consequences of his evil deeds. My will be done.

Place the strip of paper, face-down, on the lid of the jar. Use the black tape to affix it. If you want to,  wrap the jar in tape as you focus further on your intent. Get creative and let your gut-feelings guide you. This is your justice spell against your rapist and any other rapist that has gotten away with harming women, children or other men. So your feelings and intent will be of the utmost importance.

Place the candle on top of the lid of the jar. Place the jar somewhere fire-safe. Light the candle. Choose a candle that has a flat base that is wide enough to hold itself upright, and that doesn’t have any paper or metal or glass holders. A plain, small votive candle works fine. Repeat, again, the following: Justice is served and your judgment is here. Stare at the burning candle as the wax melts down and around the jar, repeating this mantra. During this time you will need to tap in to your emotions and focus on your desperate need for justice. Visualize your target facing his comeuppance for the deeds that were committed. Direct your angry energy in to that jar as you allow the candle to burn on top of it. Once the candle has melted down to the base of the lid, blow out the flame.

Take the jar as far from your property as possible, but don’t break any laws regarding its burial. You don’t want to get caught trespassing somewhere while carrying a suspicious-looking jar with you, right? Since you likely won’t be digging a six-foot-deep grave, it’s okay to just dig down a few feet with a shovel, as long as you can bury the jar. Give the rapist a burial, symbolically leaving him in an unmarked grave. Pick a place where you believe nobody will happen upon it, a place where your target can symbolically stay bound and buried forever. If you want to perform any kind of funeral rites at this time, that’s up to you. If you want to repeat any chants, that’s also up to you. As repeated throughout this spell, you are to let your spirit guide you. Do what your instincts tell you to do. This is key.

Walk away. Go home. You’ve done all you can do at this point, and now your will has been very clearly stated. Do whatever you need to do to clear your mind of this negative energy, of the target(s) and of this spell. Meditate, clean your house, go see a movie or maybe have a day at a spa. Put yourself at ease by telling yourself that your spell is a success and justice is being served through any means necessary.

What you desire, you create

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