Witchcraft doesn’t have to be all about love spells, hexing your enemies or constantly protecting yourself from outside attacks. Many of us forget this, and tend to focus entirely on ourselves when it comes to our spiritual practice — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, our loved ones could stand to benefit from our craft as well, whether they’re having big problems in their lives or you simply want to do something nice. The following is a collection of ideas and tips for using witchcraft to help your loved ones.

Bless their surroundings

With your loved ones’ consent, you can spiritually cleanse and bless their surroundings — such as their homes, vehicles, hobby spaces or workspaces. Treat their environment with the same love and energy that you use in your own blessing and cleansing activities. This is especially useful as a housewarming gift for someone in your life who may be moving into a new home. Consider smoke cleansing to rid their environment of any stress-causing negativity. You can also place crystals in beneficial parts of their environment to increase the positive energy — if you believe in that sort of thing.

If your loved one has recently purchased a new vehicle, a homemade purifying spray scented with your loved ones “comfort scents” is a great idea. Further adding citrusy scents to the purifying spray inspires alertness — which is necessary for driving. You can also put sigils with your fingers and chalk on the tires of the vehicle, to protect the driver from accidents.

Help them with court dates and stressful appointments

If someone you love is facing difficulties in criminal or civil court, your talents as a witch can come in handy. This can come in the form of complex justice spells, or just making use of astrology. To be exact, you can figure out the zodiac sign of the judge presiding over your loved one’s case (this is usually pretty easy to do with Google and public info). Knowing the judge’s sun sign can at least give you a basic idea of how their personality may mesh (or clash) with your loved on in court. The info could be used to help your loved one prepare accordingly.

If a loved one is having medical issues, and is worried about a doctor’s appointment, you can gift them a piece of turquoise or turquoise jewelry to wear on that stressful day. Turquoise is a master stone that is associated with total healing. Make sure your loved one is aware of this, and encourage them to touch, stroke or focus on the stone when they need an extra boost of confidence regarding their health.

If your loved one has a job interview, and you’re able, cook them breakfast the morning of the appointment. A breakfast prepared with powerful intent, goodwill and confidence will assist them in an otherwise tense day. Keep your loved one’s dietary needs in mind, but some good choices for a job interview include foods that are selenium-rich. Eggs, turkey, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower are just a few examples of foods that have a lot of this mood-boosting nutrient. Adding your own chants and magical seasonings to these foods only improves the possible outcome.

During times of tragedy or emotional distress

Unfortunately, we can’t always be happy — and life can be terribly rough sometimes. When a loved one is experiencing a tragedy, or if they’re going through a bout of depression or other emotional issue, your spiritual energy can help give some relief. Now, this isn’t saying that witchcraft is at all a substitute for effective healthcare, but it is certainly a good enhancer to the mundane.

If your loved one is feeling down, depressed or feelings of doubt — bless a gift with affirmations. Pick something that you know your friend will cherish, display and observe frequently. This can be a plant, a piece of decor or a knick-knack representing something that they care about. Starting on a New Moon, whisper affirmations to the object as if you’re telling your loved one these things. Do this every single night until the Full moon. On the day of the full moon, present your loved one with the gift, while speaking your final affirmation out loud. For example, as you hand the gift to your loved one you can say, “I’m giving you this gift, because every day I get to spend with you is a gift for me. I appreciate you.” You can also get more specific, depending on your loved one’s situation. For example, if your loved one is feeling undesirable and having a hard time feeling attractive, you can hand the gift and say “You’re so beautiful and so is your energy. I want you to have this.” This helps your loved one feel good immediately, while they also take ownership of an item that is blessed with all the good vibes and positivity you could fit in a moon cycle.

Use your imagination

There are so many ways you can use witchcraft to help your loved ones — both big and small. If you want to incorporate a little selflessness in your craft, it’s easy to brainstorm and come up with a multitude of ideas. What are some of the ways you’ve used witchcraft to help your loved ones?

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