Incense and spirituality go together like peanut butter and jelly. The aromatic smoke not only serves as a treat for your sense of smell, but it lends to the ideal ambience for meditation and “getting witchy.” Nothing beats the atmosphere of low, flickering candlelight as the room fills with the fragrant smoke of the incense you’ve chosen. Try not casting a spell in this environment! So what kind of incense should you choose? The following article will explain various correspondences of incense, giving you something to consider — whether you’re a beginner witch, or an experienced spellcrafter in search of ideas.

Sex and Romance

Whether they’re ethical or not, love and sex spells remain the most popular types of spells when it comes to web searches and requests in the community. This is a judgment free blog, so I’m not going to tell you to avoid love spells. Instead, I’m going to tell you which incense best corresponds with your needs.

Romantic love: Incense sticks, cones or powders that contain blends of sandalwood, vanilla and fig are always good choices. Lavender and patchouli also correspond with love, as do oregano, fennel, rose and basil.

Passionate love: Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cherry, strawberry and fenugreek are good choices for inspiring fiery passion in your spells. Scents that are both spicy and sweet are absolutely ideal.

(Please note: If you’re burning these incense scents around the object of your desire, they may or may not have aversions to any number of them. Keep in mind that even though something may correspond with love, doesn’t mean everyone loves them!)

Protection and purification

Protection and purification spells are necessary if you’re dabbling with different types of spell-casting. Protecting yourself is important to feel secure in your home, and to feel safe from outside energies. The following incense scents (or herbal blends) will aid you in successfully protecting yourself or purifying your magical space:

Lavender, several types of sage, copal, frankincense, rosemary, angelica and juniper. You can also try dill, parsley and lemon balm.

Shady magic

Maybe you’re casting spells that some people might look down their nose about. I’m not gonna judge, but here’s a list of incense scents (or herbal blends) that might assist you:

Licorice root, mugwort, wormwood, sulfur, Asafoetida, blueberry, patchouli, morning glory, vetiver and many, many others.

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