It’s the New Year! Even though many of us just observed the winter solstice and Yule, there are still things to do in the month of January. For starters, it’s the month of the Wolf Moon (or Cold Moon), which means protection and night-centered spells are excellent choices. However, January is also a keen time to practice divination — especially prior to embarking on your first spell of the new year.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

Practicing divination — whether you’re into tarot, astrology or other forms — allows you to get a clearer view of what the path ahead of you looks like. With it being the New Year, you may want kick off 2019 with a reading using the divination tool of your choice. For example: You can pull 12 tarot cards — one representing each month of the year, and read each card as a warning, suggestion or idea for the months to come. Similarly, you can draw 12 runes from your favorite set and read them in the same manner.

Cast with caution for a better year

Before you cast your first spell of 2019, you may want to do a little divining first. This is especially good advice if you’re prone to spells backfiring, not working or maybe even working too well (though few of us complain when that happens). Do you want to cast a money spell to kick off 2019? Maybe take a look at the positions of the planets for the next few months (an Ephemeris or other astrology source will be easy to find). For example, when Jupiter is in Sagittarius, you can pretty much bet on vibrating some good-luck-attracting energy.

Find your resolution

Instead of coming up with your own New Year’s Resolution (or falling on the tired favorites), turn to your tarot cards, dream journal or other preferred form of divination to find what you need to change about yourself. Maybe your cards will call you out on some bad habits, or the alignment of the planets is urging you to shed some baggage (whether it be literal or metaphorical).

Do you have any divination advice for the new year?

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