Jessica Heeringa disappeared from Norton Shores, Michigan on April 26, 2013. The young woman was working as a gas station clerk at an Exxon station the night she vanished — a detail that attracted nationwide attention. It was immediately certain that the Michigan woman was taken from the gas station against her will, and evidence left behind at the scene implied that she had been injured. It has been seven years since Jessica vanished, and she still hasn’t been found. What’s more, it has been established that she was murdered within days of her disappearance — and two men have been convicted in association with her death. Since her remains have yet to be found, could astrology lend a hand in locating her? Let’s find out:

Casting the chart

Jessica Heeringa was last seen on the night of April 26, 2013 — so that is the date that I used to create an event chart. Since I am asking the question, right now, “Where are Jessica Heeringa’s remains?”, I am placing the time for the chart at 5:04 p.m. This creates an event chart to be interpreted using horary astrology.

Interpreting the chart

First of all, in horary astrology, the moon represents what is hidden. This could be symbolic of the missing person. In this chart, the moon can be found 21 degrees in Scorpio in the 2nd House. Both the North Node and Saturn accompany the moon in this House. This House placement implies that the body of Jessica Heeringa may be located east-by-northeast of Norton Shores, Michigan. The 2nd House placement implies that she was moved there from another location in a vehicle. This could mean that the location of her body is not the same location as where she was murdered.

Scorpio, being a water sign, indicates that the location of interest is near a water source. When this sign shows up in an horary reading, it could also imply that the missing person is near stagnant water or somewhere muddy, dark and obscure. Landfills, compost heaps, sewers and water treatment vats could also be nearby. With Scorpio being a fixed sign, this could imply that the location of interest is heavily wooded or near a park. This could also mean that the body of the missing woman has been buried. With the moon placement falling on the southern hemisphere of the chart, a burial is likely.

With the 2nd House ruler being placed in the 8th House, this could imply that something “valuable” was stolen from Jessica Heeringa. The nature of what was stolen isn’t immediately apparent, but there are male and female energies placed in the 8th House on this event chart. When these placements and their transits show themselves, it could imply that sexual assault or other man-on-woman violence was involved. Since both the Mars and Venus placements align in Taurus, there is a strong element of earth present in this reading. In particular, agricultural elements may be present in the location of this missing woman’s remains. Furthermore, these placements could also imply that Jessica’s remains may be found near the remains of other one or more other persons — or animals.

With the north node placed in the 2nd House, it’s implied that Jessica’s body is possibly hidden in plain sight. It could also mean that she may not be fully buried or covered, or that a possible search based on the chart’s findings will lead to an easy discovery.

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