Traditional hexes and curses often call for personal possessions or other items that have been touched by your intended target. Hair, nails, jewelry and other personal possessions do indeed carry the energies of those who possess them, but what if you can’t get your hands on any of those things? What if you’re too far away from the object of your hex to obtain any of these traditionally necessary items? The following post will help you excel at long distance hexing.

Digitally Deviant Witchery

Thanks to the availability of information on the internet, you can really get all you need about someone to effectively curse or hex them. Be careful not to break any stalking laws, of course, but if you know enough about your enemy you can find their birthdate, town and sometimes their physical address. These little details can be useful when casting a spell on someone when you don’t have anything they’ve actually touched. Social media is also an incredible resource, because at the end of the day a photograph of your hex target’s face is one of the best materials you can use in your spell.

Just Use a Pen and Paper

Not only can it be cathartic, but writing down your intentions can also be powerful magic. There are numerous published spells which make use of writing down your thoughts — and some even involve hexing your intended targets. One popular spell of this variety involves writing the target’s name across a sheet of paper, and then writing their name from the opposite side across what you’ve already written. This creates a visual representation of chaos in your target’s name — a powerful spell if cast just right.

Visualization is Your Best Friend

If you can’t get a photo or any useful information about your target, but you know who they are and have good visualization skills, then that’s really all you need if you want to curse someone from long distance. When it’s all said and done, witchcraft really doesn’t require the use of tools and materials. Everything you need is already right there inside you — as long as you’re willing to nurture that natural ability.

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