Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or you’re simply looking for love, it’s important to know about various correspondents for your magical intent. Symbolism can be found in so many, many items from gemstones and rocks to incense, candles and even strips of fabric. The following list will give you an idea of some of the numerous options you have at your disposal when it comes to casting love spells or romantic rituals.

Anything heart-shaped

Obviously anything heart-shaped works well symbolically in romance or love spells. The heart is a universal symbol of love, which is why its the go-to decor theme for Valentine’s Day festivities. Heart shaped stones, cut out paper hearts, heart shaped flower petals or leaves — just about anything you can think of that’s heart shaped — work well in romantic rituals. If you’re working on a budget, simply drawing a chalk outline of a heart in your altar space could serve as powerful symbolism in your love spells.

Pink, Red and other Romantic Hues

Of course pink and red are often associated with love in witchcraft and love spells, as well as popular culture. However the two colors could symbolize different types of love. Pink, for example, is a symbol of soft, romantic unconditional love — and red symbolizes passionate, fiery love. Use pink in spells that call for romance and tenderness, and use red in spells that call for passion, sexuality and vigor. Other colors that could symbolize love include shades of blue, yellow and orange. Candles in these chosen colors add ambience to your love spells, but you can incorporate practically any item in the color you associate with love. Stones, articles of clothing, even little trinkets may work in your particular spiritual practice.

Romantic Aromatherapy for witches

Certain scents could prove useful when casting romance or love spells. Incense in the scents of vanilla, rose, lavender and cinnamon are excellent choices for the ambience of your spells. If you associate a specific fragrance with romance, don’t be afraid to incorporate it as an important symbol of love. This is especially true if you have a particular romantic partner in mind and you know what their favorite scent is. For example, if the object of your affection loves the smell of banana bread, then bake some banana bread while casting your love spell. You might be surprised at the energy this adds to your love spells. If you want to do something that is somewhat traditional while remaining true to your witchy self, you can even “enchant” a love letter with the fragrance of your choosing before sending it to your one-and-only.

Plants that symbolize love

There are numerous plants and flowers which are traditionally associated with love and romance. The rose is one of those most obvious choices, but others include the Dancing Lady Orchid, Bleeding Hearts, Jade Plants, Lavender, Peonies, Anthuriums, Tulips and so many, many more. Some of these plants have specific cultural meanings when it comes to love, sex and romance. For example, the Acacia tree and its flowers symbolize “secret” love, or a clandestine affair. It may not be the most moral idea, but if you wish to enter a relationship with someone who is already “spoken for,” then Acacia would be a good bit of symbolism added to your spellwork. Jasmine flowers symbolize eternal and unconditional love, lilacs symbolize new or “first” loves, globe amaranths symbolize immortal love and bellflower symbolizes unwavering love. There are also many specific herbs that symbolize love and could be useful in romance and love spells. Ginseng supposedly attracts love and wealth and cloves have long been used in love potions. Cinnamon is also used in love magic, but it’s most powerful as a fiery addition to spells that call on lust and sexual energies. Catnip is also an herb that is known to symbolize love.

Stones & Crystals that symbolize love

Rose quartz is an obvious choice for love spells, but you can also use diamond, pearl, sapphire, emerald, ruby, watermelon tourmaline, moonstone and many other stones in your own love spells. Another crystal or gemstone you can use as a correspondent in love magic is amethyst, which has a multitude of spiritual and metaphysical uses. Rhodonite, pink kunzite, lapis and jade are also romantic stones. When it comes to using gemstones, rocks and crystals in your own spells and rituals, you really can’t go wrong with choosing what calls to you the most. If you attribute romantic energy to another type of stone, then use it in your love spells if you want to.


There are so many things around you that can be used to symbolize love, lust and romance. Whether you’re a witch who likes to go “all out” in your spell crafting, or if you take a more simple approach, symbols of love can easily be obtained and used for your needs. Even something as simple as drawing a heart on a piece of paper can be useful casting a love spell. What are some other symbols of love (not mentioned above) can you think about? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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