Mabon is just around the corner, which means autumn is almost here. If you’re an atheist witch who doesn’t necessarily follow holidays, the autumn equinox is a great time to get in touch with your spiritual side without the need for religious worship. It’s a time that marks the end of summer and welcomes the biggest harvest of the year on the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the winding-down of the year that guides us into the cooler winter months. The symbolism of the changing of the weather, and the shortening of the days, offers a multitude of themes for your spellcasting.

Cord-cutting and goodbyes

Do a cord cutting spell during Mabon, and allow the decreasing length of the days ahead to do the spiritual lightwork for you. If you’re healing from an ended relationship, or you’re simply dealing with old trauma, the autumn equinox can symbolize putting old feelings to rest.

If you’ve been thinking about ending a friendship or cutting ties with an associate, now is the time to do it. In fact, the changing of any season is a good time to make a change because people — like our planet — go through the changing of seasons.

Comfort and Leisure

It’s been a rough few years for the entire planet, and things are only starting to feel “normal” again. Mabon 2022 could be a great time to seek out comfort and leisure. Bonfires, sleeping bags and roasted marshmallows could be the ideal theme for this year’s autumn equinox. Or, if you’re more of an indoor witch, a nice cozy blanket and a good book is just as wonderful. To make it an extra spiritual event, you can light some candles and make your own chants to allow your stress to blow away on the autumn breeze.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the changing season by taking a trip to your favorite place in nature. A serene hike ending in a cool-weather picnic overlooking the changing foliage of the season could help give you a “reset.”

Mabon with your own personal touch

Traditionally, Mabon is a pagan harvest holiday. This means food and drink play a big role in observing it. Bread, apples, decadent meats and others goods that are harvested or slaughtered this time of year are traditional symbols to Mabon and autumn in general. Ordinarily witches celebrate this autumn holiday by preparing foods associated with the season, and sometimes dumb suppers are held. You can participate in traditional celebration, but it’s also fun to add your own personal twist! Instead of making an apple pie or homemade loaf of bread, why not serve apple or pumpkin themed cocktails to your friends? The possibilities are endless when you add your own personality to everything you do from the mundane to the magical.

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