Madeleine McCann has been missing for over a decade, and we’re no closer to finding closure in this case than we were the day she vanished in 2007. With seemingly all sources milked-dry and all avenues searched to no avail, is it likely that paranormal means may help? The following post will outline the natal chart of Madeleine McCann, and how astrology may be a useful tool.

Madeleine’s natal chart may hold answers

Madeleine McCann was born on May 12, 2003 at 6:14 p.m. in Leicester (United Kingdom). The missing child’s sun sign is Taurus. Her moon sign is Libra and her rising sign is also Libra. These are known as the “big three” in astrology, but we’re not going to focus too much on these placements at all. In fact, we’re going to dig a little deeper.

Madeleine’s natal chart shows that her Chiron is in the 3rd house at Capricorn (17 degrees). This could imply incredibly difficult childhood experiences and inability to express oneself. A child with this natal placement may live in a chaotic home environment where there are emotional issues and rivalry among siblings. A child with this placement may have high hopes, only to find themselves failing.

Madeleine McCann’s natal chart also shows that her 8th house is occupied by her True North Node in Taurus (29 degrees). The 8th house is known as the “house of death” in some schools of thought, and depending on the signs expressed in this house, the manner of death can be interpreted. Interestingly, a Taurus placement in the 8th House tends to symbolize someone who is adjacent the medical field, and who comes from a wealthy family and enjoys travel. Anyone who is familiar with the Madeleine McCann case is aware that her parents are both doctors — doctors who are wealthy enough to take exotic vacations (which is how she went missing in the first place).

People with Taurus placements in the 8th House tend to die in a way that attracts attention or possibly even makes some kind of historic impact. In some schools of thought, this placement indicates a death related to the person’s neck or throat. This 8th House placement also verges into Gemini, which comes with its own warnings. People with 8th House placements in Gemini are believed to die most often of asphyxiation, strangulation or through some other breathing-related demise.

Madeleine McCann’s IC (Imum Coeli) placement is located at the cusp of the 3rd and 4th Houses. This placement, also known as the “bottom of the sky” placement, is also known for detecting causes of death or predicting medical issues in medical astrology. In Madeleine’s case, her IC lands under the sign Aquarius. In medical astrology, Aquarius rules the blood, the spinal cord, the eyes and lower portions of your legs (ankles and calves). People with this particular IC placement tend to suffer from conditions related to these body parts and experience deaths related to them.

What does all this mean for Madeleine McCann?

It’s hard to tell without sounding like I am making a biased statement. After all, I am also the True Crime writer who’s covered her case extensively enough to write a book about it in 2016. However, if I were to examine someone’s chart with these very placements, I’d worry that they may suffer a death related to the loss of the ability to breathe, with possible blunt force trauma, in a home shared by her siblings and other family members. Knowing the details of Madeleine’s case makes this interpretation a particularly scary one, considering the evidence that has long-existed against her parents.

What do you think? Is medical astrology a good way to determine what happened to missing people?

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