Meat magical properties

Kitchen witchery plays a role in many witches’ practices — especially with the use of herbs, as well as fruits and vegetables. However, meat also plays a role in witchcraft, and various meats do have various magical associations. The following post will outline some of the various magical properties of meat, which will enrich your kitchen witch grimoire.


Beef is a masculine meat that is ruled by both the fire and earth elements. The sun and moon both preside over cattle — depending on the gender of the animal. Ordinarily, the beef we consume that’s found in stores comes from steers (which are castrated males), so choose your ruling planet accordingly.

When it comes to witchcraft, beef finds its way in culinary spells regarding aggression, passion, fertility and other related energies. A wildly popular traditional spell that uses cow tongue aims to silence someone from malicious gossip.


Poultry includes chicken, turkey, pheasant, duck and other bird-like creatures that may grace your dinner plates. Poultry of all kinds are ruled by the fire element, and can be either feminine or neutral. Healing properties are attributed to fowl such as chicken — which is probably why chicken soup has been used for ages to combat the common cold. Chicken can also be used in good luck and prosperity spells. Some cultures also use the bones in divination. Fowl/poultry in general is useful in spells for fidelity, lasting-love and overall harmony in marriage and in the home.


Pork, meat coming from swine, is another masculine source that is ruled by the fire element. Fertility, good luck and prosperity magic can be benefited by including this meat in your kitchen witch recipes. Pork is also a useful ingredient in recipes that represent longevity and good health.

Fish and seafood

Fish, overall, is represented by the water element (obviously) and is feminine in nature. When you incorporate fish in your magical dishes, you’re probably doing a fertility spell or cleansing and purification.

Lobster is a bit different from fish, even though it’s under the same category. This little critter represents masculine energy, and is ruled by fire. Lobsters are scrappy creatures, so they represent war, fighting and angry energy. Perhaps eating a meal of lobster before entering a battle (legal, physical or otherwise), may give you a boost.

Oysters are different from both fish and lobster in that it is ruled by neutral energies, and the water element. Oysters have long-been considered an aphrodisiac, so it’s no surprise to know that they’re amazing for sex, passion and passionate love spells.

Organ meats & odds-and-ends

Organ meats like livers, gizzards and other edible entrails possess their own energies. Prepare these meats if your aim is to explore the unknown or get in touch with your latent self. Shadow work and kitchen witchery combine when you harness the energies of these odds-and-ends.

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