Hot foot powder is one of those occult components that makes itself useful to witches of many paths. However, it’s traditionally rooted in folk and African spirituality as a means to drive away unwanted guests and enemies. You can buy it online or in most occult shops, but making your own hot foot powder is easy and gives you the ability to put your energies directly into it for more powerful results.


Hot foot powder ordinarily contains a mixture of black pepper, red pepper and powdered sulfur. You can also add crushed herbal ashes to the mixture like High John the Conqueror and rosemary. Black salt is also a useful ingredient.

Choose equal measurements of your ingredients, making sure you have enough for whatever size batch you’re trying to make. If you’re only wanting to make a small one-time-use batch, a pinch of each ingredient is adequate.

Grind with intent

Grind all of your ingredients together using a mortar and pestle. Do so with firm, deliberate motions while you focus on your intent. If you’re using your hot foot powder to drive away unwanted people or elements, then focus on that as the primary directive for your concoction. While you grind slowly, put yourself in a meditative state, allowing yourself to relax and concentrate. You will know when you’re done grinding.

Alternatively, you can use an herb grinder. It’s certainly quicker, but it is louder and will not allow for the meditative focus you want to achieve while grinding your ingredients.

Storing and using your hot foot powder

Store any unused hot foot powder in an airtight jar. If you’re into aesthetics, an antique cork jar is fabulous. If you’re a budget witch who uses canning jars and lids, those are just fine as well. Keep your hot foot powder put away where nobody else can access it either on purpose or by accident.

To use your specially formulated hot foot powder, add it to any spell that calls for its use. For example, this video shows you how to cast a jar spell using the mixture. You can also formulate your own specific spell that is catered for whatever need you have in mind.

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